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Fav Actor: I love Salman khan most...
But I respect both Aamir khan and Shahrukh Khan...
from south- mahesh, ravi teja, pawan kalyan, allu arjun,prabhas.........
Big fan of Johnny Depp, Cristian Bale, Tom Cruise, Dicaprio, Vin Diesel, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Hugh Jackman , Will Smith, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow( as actor nd director).......
Fav Movie: Dabangg , Ek tha tiger , Bodyguard , Kick , Partner ,HAHK ,MPK, Tere naam , Ready, Wanted, Znmd,3idiots, OSO ,CE, MNIK  forest gump,inception, silence of the lamb, wolf of wallstreet,  t2,  gabbar singh, bahubaali,  ,DDLJ, dhoom2, Barfi,KKHH ,K3G , Pk , Kung fu hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Avatar, Titanic, E.T, War of world, Avengers, Frozen, How to train your dragon,  Alice in Wonderland, I,robot, Catch me if you can, blood diamond , mad max : fury road, jurassic world, bajrangi bhaijaan  etc...

Favourite movie and animated series...
 1. POTC ( my most favourite and loved series)
 2. Dark knight trilogy
 3. Harry potter(1,8,2,4,3)
 4. Spider-man triloly
5. MI(4, 1, 2)
6. Toy story
 7. Ice age
 8. Xmen
 9. Twilight(1,2,5)
 10. Hunger games
 11. Despicable me
 12. Dhoom
 13. Krrish
Fav TV Series:
Why Love Bollywood?: for favourite actors nd their movies....
Why hate Bollywood?: no particular reason to hate it.......

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