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This small piece of writing is my feelings for movies and stardom.

I was a kid personally when I started watching movies and it was because of SRK that I started liking movies. Watching Deewana, I felt the love for the first time in school. Watching Anjaam, I found a crazier lover inside me in my school days. DDLJ was next level of craze, for the first time, I was dating a girl.

My marriage was during Chalte Chalte or Hum Tumhare hai Sanam and had similar moments in life too.

Watching Devdas, I loved my wife more. Watching Swades, I decided to never ever leave my country except for visiting while other friends of mine are at Microsoft and Apple now, and staying in my country, I haven't failed either; instead have done few things remarkable for my country even if not big.

SRK movies for me has been a journey of life. I have been real busy the last decade when his movies started failing or succeeding to the level I wanted. I never watched Zero completely. My Name is Khan, Don 1&2, RNBDJ were the last movies of SRK I liked. After that, I stopped watching movies in general.

Now that Pathaan is here, I can celebrate movies. I am happy that the movie worked; the aura and stardom of SRK worked. Personally, I didn't so much love the movie, it was so so... Albeit, I can now dream that SRK will be the one I like in both the upcoming movies, I can hope that Jawaan will be as good a masala entertainer as south movies like KGF and Dunki can be a good social entertainer.

People my age here might have their own favorites and no offense to them, but for me, movies is SRK and SRK is movies. I will stop enjoying movies after SRK and hope he does movies for two more decades.

Long live the Khan era, and hope the other two Khans also bring entertainment in the future. I don't celebrate them like SRK but surely enjoy a Wanted of Salman and Rang de Basanti of Aamir. No new kid can ever take place of these legends at least for me. HR, Akki and Ajay and the Khans will be the era of movies for me, always...

Just a small write-up from my side when the forum has restarted after Pathaan. Let's keep the forum clean and let's discuss cinema as a whole. I wrote my point of view and love for SRK, let's here from my readers too...
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Thanks for sharing your experience.
Thanks brother.

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Yes. Totally agree. SRK and all the ones you mentioned have been an integral part of my childhood too.

SRK's last successful movie came in 2014 when I was studying and now in 2023, I'm working lol. These guys have amazing longevity and we won't get the likes of them again
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As SRK once said - Wo khud Bollywood hai.

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Yes, for many of us, SRK is not only Bollywood but cinema as a whole. I am not from India and yet SRK is all Cinema for me and I want at least 10-15 more movies from him. Specially those who were born 1970-1990, they have their own superstars. And as they say, there won't be superstars after Khans, there will be only good or bad movies.
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I agree. No new kids can take place of khans , hr, akshay, ajay and Emraan. And also fyi this forum is not opened after pathaan release this was reopened before emraan's Selfiee release.
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I wish you good luck. By the way, have you watched FAN? I have a similar feeling about Selfie. I still wish Emraan gets back with this movie because I like him.
Yes I have watched fan.. It was decent. and talking about selfie, I have no hopes regarding the content. That anari song is cringe , low and forced. I hope  emraan atleast gets some positive talk for his performance in this mediocre looking film.
Koi nahi, Emraan will give Salman a hit on Diwali.
Salman will take away emraan's credit just as srk took deepika's credit in pathaan
Haha....Charlie being Charlie
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You seem to be someone born and brought up in Dharavi who studied well , got a job and went out of the country but still retained the taste of dharavi lol...
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Yes, what's the harm in loving my origin and the original taste? You seem to have moved on and started liking the whites and their arts. There's no problem with that, but remember Dharavi and Nalasopara is integral in you, the way you write clearly shows that you haven't forgotten your roots. At least, learn to be humble like the whites when you like them more than your mother.
I have no connection with dharavi lol....