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Boi praised that film few times. If it was such a huge blockbuster why didnt we hear about it more often? As far as I'm concerned, never even heard of it before BOI
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I Had It A Couples OF Years Ago
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Mera Gaon Mera Desh and Haathi Mere Saathi were huge blockbusters in same year with both crossing 4 crore footfalls which is a rarity in bollywood
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But were u aware of that film?
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Saw it long time ago on a pirate version just because i love Dharmendra. But i had no idea it was such a huge BB.
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How was it?
Not the best Dharmendra for me, wasn't impressed at the time.
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Infact i get to know only after you asked this question.. Haha..
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I got to know after boi commentary. People follow boi commentary like some religious text. That film may have earned people money but imo Anand released at the same time is more beneficial to people cause people see it even now and get entertained.
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Sabko pata hai be tujhe hi nahi pata
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It was a big blockbuster due to re releases

Othwrwise it is not even in Top 15 hits of 70s decade
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U like boi commentary?