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Easily Double Dhamaal..

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Comparing to the first installment Dabangg 2 was a disappointment. Story-wise it wasn't good enough but Salman's performance was the only plus point!

I know I know, Dabangg 2 was much-much better than Double Dhamaal! I'm maybe wrong!

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dabangg 2 was better than double dhamaal?????
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Double Dhamaal because it stands nowhere in front of Dhamaal.Dhamaal was a full entertainer and was very well received by the audience and because of this only Double Dhamaal was able to open good at BO and collected well but as a film Double Dhamaal had nothing to was a complete bore

But still, people had no expectations from this film! I maybe wrong!
But the film opened well means people had their expectations
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Compared to the first one, worst is Double Dhamaal because in terms of pure entertainment,Dhamaal is a 4.5/5 from me while Double Dhamaal was a 2.5/5 from me....But if we are to talk about the worst movie among these,then its undoubtedly that mega third class movie Dabangg2...I would rate Dabangg a 2.25/5 while i would rate Dabangg 2 a 1/5....Ultimate bad movie,the worst movie in 2012 according to me

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Both Double Dhamaal & Dabangg2 Was Very Bad Movies,Bt I Will Vote For Race2 Here As Personaly I Didnt Liked It..Yes,It Was Bettr Den Double Dhamaal And D2,Bt I Had A Gr8 Expectation Frm Race2,After Race,Which Was 1 Of The Best Thriller Ever...So I Will Vote For R2 Here

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