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Singham- Super Hit

Singham Returns- Super Hit

Simmba- Blockbuster

Sooryavanshi- Hit

Ek tha Tiger- Blockbuster

Tiger zinda Hai- Blockbuster

War- Blockbuster

Pathaan- Blockbuster

Upcoming films Tiger 3 and Singham 3

Which Series is better
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Unless film crosses Baahubali gross collections it cannot be termed as atb BOI is very lenient in giving verdict for the film which should be super blockbuster as footfalls of the film will be in the range of Sanju and tiger zinda hai which are super blockbusters
Verdicts will be based on Distributors Share.
Pathaan collected whooping ₹265 cr+ distributors share approx in India which is ₹10 cr+ morethan BB2 Hindi & ₹80 cr+ morethan Dangal compared to original Hindi content.
2.0 despite becoming highest grosser Tamil film by distance was declared average there if Border and Dangal are super blockbusters then there is no sense in declaring pathaan as atb why ddlj is atb as it didnt cross hahk so these are some serious questions for BOI which has declared some disaster films as successful or below average films which incurred heavy losses for distributors
Just name 1 authentic Trade website for Tamil Film Industry, There is none..!
Hindi Film Industry has authentic & certified Trade website BOI.com since 20 years and has Hindi Film Database from 1950's to present if you can refer old website with Subscription.
I don't know about Border but Dangal is ATB w.r.t BOI.

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Obviously YRF Spy Universe since it has Hindi Film Industry's 2 Megastars & Superstar in it, comes with Rich Production values and different directors helming those movies.

I am also looking forward to RS's Cop Universe since, it comes with 2 Superstars & a Star of Hindi Film Industry.
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IMO Spy Universe movies are better w.r.t to entertainment compared to Cop Universe & moreover Cop movies are South Remakes.

India has seen seven stars achieve megastardom and two of them are Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. The others being Dilip Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan.
they are megastars but their record lately is abysmal
Many big blockbuster bollywood films are south remakes Singham returns and Sooryvanshi are not remakes not sure about Simmba which was a huge blockbuster in Mumbai circuit like Singham
Simmba was Telugu movie 'Temper' Remake.

1st of all Rohit Shetty need to correct himself in etching supporting characters.

Just check this out :

* Rapists in Simmba is ATS officer in Sooryavanshi
* The journalist in Singham 2 was Judge in Simmba.
* Singham movie Villian was lawyer in Simmba.
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Yrf series is better -better timepass-better eye candies. Better production values. 
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