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The trend of South Films in dubbed version started in 90s with Roja,Bombay,Humse Hai Muqabla and Hindustani becoming big hits then if you look at the performance of South films in last few years then they are competing with Bollywood films while film like pathaan which is huge blockbuster collected less than rocketry in dubbed version.Have a look at the collections of these south films in dubbed version

Baahubali - 120 crores

Baahubali The Conclusion - 510 crores

2.0 - 185 crores

Saaho - 150 crores

Pushpaa - 110 crores

RRR- 280 crores

KGF Chapter 2- 430 crores

Kantara- 80 crores

Why audiences watch south films while they are not interested in bollywood films in their language a big film Brahamastra in dubbed version collected less than Karthikeya 2 in Hindi dubbed version They dont care about bollywood but We love their films
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It's pretty simple that they are not use to it like us... Infact it all started with hindi tv channels... Such as Setmax, stargold, zee cinema use to telecast south hindi dub films every week.. Then the trend of youtube channel begins.. You can calculate a youtube channel Goldmines telefilms has more then 60million subscribers which show show south movie in hindi dubbed versions.

And there is no such tv channels or youtube channels in south that telecast hindi movies in south dubbed languages...  And there are so many small, medium level so called youtube reviewers who use to watch, review and promote south films as indian films and ask their subscribers to watch and support those films.

But what i think is slowly slowly they will begin to show hindi films as well.. Its only a matter of time..
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Hindi audience mass consumed South dub stuff last decade. 

South didn't mass consume bollywood. They r not interested because their industry is satisfying them so they will not cheat and hook up with other Industries. 
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India has 28 States and 9 Union Territories.

South India has only 5 States in it and in that only 3 States namely Karnataka, Telangana & AP will give encourage & Boxoffice collections to Bollywood.

In TN & Kerala both encourage & Boxoffice is very much limited to Tamil and they will not care much about even Telugu & Kannada Films not just Hindi.

Top Hindi films in 5 South Indian states

(Incl. Dubbed Versions) :-

1. Pathaan - ₹138cr 

2. Dangal - ₹88.25cr

3. Padmaavat: ₹77.2cr

4. PK: ₹67.4cr

5. Brahmastra: 58.75cr

6. Sultan: ₹56.65cr

7. Dhoom 3: ₹53.55cr

8. Sanju: ₹53.25cr

9. War: ₹52.4cr

10. Tiger Zinda Hai: ₹51.4cr
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If you notice before 2017, it is South India who gave more care to Hindi Films compared to North India care South dubbed films.

In most A & B centres of South India people prefer to watch Bollywood films in its Original format i.e, Hindi.
As per BOI pathan collected 108 cr from all versions
Yes 108 cr is Nett BOC, 135 cr+ is Gross BOC.

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