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I'll be honest, Farah Khan isn't a good director. But as long as she succeeds in making an entertaining film (forget TMK by entertainment I mean OSO), the film is destined to become a big blockbuster. Even OSO was not the great content wise but it was bang on when it comes to entertainment & that's her forte. Srk is sporting what you can call his best look of recent times, an ensemble cast who really know to act so if Farah doesn't get carried away like TMK, Blockbuster is the minimum verdict the film will be getting.

The prediction part I'll be omitting. By the time HNY releases the business would've escalated further more, the screen count will increased since Kick will be the previous big film which would be getting maximum screen space so HNY most probably will get screens in the range of Kick or even more since it's a solo release. 275 or 300 are unrealistic, let the box office play it's game & let's all bother about the entertainment the movie promises to provide. Diwali for Srk is like what Eid is to Salman or Christmas is to Aamir. I hope it'll be a treat for family audience like his CE was.

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275 cr+ is no fluke it would need very good wom to reach that mark but release date is good so it can have a go but its one of the big movies of 2014...

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Yes.Mark My Word,It Wil Cross 300 Crore Club In India(Without Any Big Franchise,IMAX Format Release)...

by Director (123k points)
vai tu to a ve bola dhoom 3 won't cross 200cr and overseas 10000% sure not cross CE record .....and tu mujhe bola if dhoom 3 worldwide cross 500cr then  u accept aamir is king...yead he???????
@fuad,tune bhi kam criticize nahi kiya tha ce ke teaser,trailer,song nd even movie ko avr aamir fans ne ye bi kaha tha ki ce max 120 cr domestic nd 50 cr overseas karegi to aap bhi koi dudh ke dhule ho nahi
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275cr+ may cross even 300 cr.

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There is no doubt that film will open big......may be record opening day...(as mentioned before in future business will increase multi-fold)and for sure it will do good business in 1st week ....
but the real test for the film is to do record business in 2nd/3rd week.....which entirely depends on strong content/good wom....
As far as Farah history goes.....we know that it will be a masala should be CE ....(where it was entertaining but not a great film)....
but for me that's what I want or expect from Farah / Rohit Shetty be great entertainers....over the top comedy / silly plots etc etc....

Now to answer the original question---to do a business of 300 cr net will not be easy. in 2014 ....even for Aamir himself....
but records are meant to be broken...and it will be someday....

For me personally as of today its only 3 idiots which I beleive still the best as far as records are concerned(even after all its records are broken) becos its now third in all -time world wide grosser..(bcos exchange rate used is 47 and not 63 which has been used for D3/CE/Krissh3), had very good/strong wom / all critics praised it (in india or overseas)/ in US most of the libraries...u can find 3 Idiots DVD in foreign section/was released in less than 2000 screens...

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it will be first 300cr movie domestic nd first 200cr movie in overseas if wom is like ce nd 2 free weeks

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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Max it can do 240cr because we cant expect farah film to have huge universal appeal.

by Super-star (161k points)
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After watching TMK I lost faith in Farah. But SRK-DP josi is a hit in market. So 200 crore+ expected.

by Producer (103k points)
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Unrealistic prediction because:

  • Post-diwali, lots of film-makers release their films as nobody wants to release in the pre-diwali phase, and these will be BIG films.

  • It's a Farah Khan film. No guarantee of good WOM.

  • This kind of cinema is dying out. Youth-oriented cinema is the future.

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Atleast wait for trailer for do any prediction if Dhoom 3 cross 270 in India that doesn't mean now every big movie will collect 275-300.

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Whatever the collection is but it will beat dhoom3 100% sure.

by Producer (115k points)
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80cr ke actor par 275cr ka prediction rakna bahut naainsafi hai...

by Costume designer (1.2k points)
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I think it will be like players.Wont predict,let the trailer come and we might get a touch of TMK also

by All Time best! (295k points)

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