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This Question Was Posted In July And This Forum Was Created In May .
What's the confusion? The link clearly says

other forum was changed to
OMG, I just forgot this forum was created in may!!!(headbang)
what May yaar..............Suhas yeh ques pichlay forum ka h....OR Sanjiv, Ajay yeh wala forum tb bhi use krtay thy????i don't think these set of users were anywhere else, my guess

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Are bhai..this is a question from this forum only...!! ..
Sanjiv , Ajay , Navo , Filman , Criminal etc..were active in this forum..before the bod aka ibodb closed..!!
I myself had registered here in June..but had n't done any write action but visited this forum sometimes.... !!
superhero was a old user in this forum..!!

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ok yaar.............thanks for telling me
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Biggest surprise was that Navo admitted DDLJ was good.

by Camera Operator (11.0k points)
Mujhe To Kabka Malum Tha Navo Liked That Movie....
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Haha....damn funny

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