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no its not possible at all for any movie in 2014. if screens are 5000 and holiday than it will go upto 44-45cr with higher tickets(D3 collected 35cr on sunday with 4000screens.)

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Expected screen count for happy new year if there will be regional versions too: 4200(hindi), 500(dubbed)
avg seats per screen: 180(apprx)
if 90% occupancy: 160(apprx)
expected avg ticket price: ₹180
shows first day: 21000(hindi, apprx), 2500(dubbed)
first day gross collection in hindi: 21000160180= 60 cr!, in dubbed: 2500125(occupancy are less compare to hindi)180= 5.5 cr apprx!
Total nett: 45 cr hindi, 4 cr dubbed, total: 49 cr!
If no dubbed versions, then nett can be around.. Screen count: 4500, shows: 22500.. Gross: 22500160180= 64 cr, nett: 48 cr!

So, yeah! It can happen!

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)
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Srk has power to give 100% occupancy in both single screen and multiplex depend on screen count and ticket price!!!

by Producer (115k points)
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YEAH WHY NOt?? He is the baadshah of bollywood nd have that big starpower to achive s feat acc to me first day of hny would be

domestic-40 cr min if release next day after diwali


overseas-30 cr plus

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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han 50 kya 60cr hi likh daitay na wahan.....

by Super-star (198k points)
veer it is quite possible.with 5000 screen* rs200 average ticket*85%occupancy(nearly 650people per screen)=65cr gross means 50cr net
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45 Crores (Max with producer figure)
40 Crores (Max wih BOI figure)

by Star (156k points) 1 flag
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I think it will need 5200 screen approx. to reach 50 cr. on 1st day (If that day is a holiday).
95% + occupancy needed in both Single Screen & Multiplexes.

by Producer (103k points)
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k3 with 4300screen,rs 175ticket &80%occupancy on its day 4 collected 36cr.
d3 with 4400 screen,rs160 ticket & 95% on day 1 collected 36cr(one -two show less).
then why not hny with 5000screens,85+occupancy and 200 ticket collect 50cr.

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D3 releaed in 4500 + screens.
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na na ek din me 100 cr karegi....happy?

by Production Designer (15.8k points)
Koi kuch bolega toh chalega par tera bolna nahi banta hai boss. Tunhe bola tha CE will not cross ready but it crossed 3I. Iske liye hoon, tu bandh hi rakh apna.
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No ,but 45-46at best,king khan rockz.

by Unit Manager (31.2k points)
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50 crore is possible if screen count is 5000

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45 crores definitly.

by All Time best! (326k points)
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maximum 45cr not more than that............................

my predcton it will beat highest single by huge margin
above 40cr s guarantee.

by Unit Manager (37.8k points)
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It will be Tees Maar Khan 2 - from crappy director Farah Khan

by Assistant Director (52.4k points) 1 flag
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1st day 50cr...?????? Hahaha ....joke of the year 2014... Srk happy new year...


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