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Jawan is easily the most awaited movie right now in Bollywood. The makers should carefully decide the release date to avoid any big clash and maximize box office collections. What do you guys think?
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It will come on 2nd June itself I think. 

Whatever the news or gossip are there regarding Jawaan release date is just to get attention and views purpose it seems from so called trade analysts, critics and youtubers.

Suppose it's delayed then better to release on June 29, Thursday Eid date.
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Jawan is fire
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It Delayed 100%............... And it will coming on Diwali 2023..... And i hear that Tiger 3 Also postponed And Release on Xmas...... So It's Obvious Dunki postponed and release in Mar 2024..... BMCM also postponed and possible release date is 26/01/2024...............

Jawaan - Diwali 2023

Tiger 3 - Xmas 2023

BMCM - Republic Day 2024

Dunki - Mar 2024
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Everybody is postponing. I will also postpone my transformation from great to all time great till the next decade.
Anbd wasn't fighter coming on Republic day 2024 ? So postponed  as well, you re AMAZING !!
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The only thing to do is to wait for an official statement from RCE, all the so called breaking news and exclusive are fantasy right now !

And my guess, it ll come on june 2nd.
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