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Chak De! India turned out to be a gamechanger for Shah Rukh Khan. The actor who was long-ruling as the romance king with his chocolate boy image got a chance to prove his versatility. It was the sports film along with Swades that opened a plethora of opportunities for him. But did you know, the film was initially offered to Salman Khan? The Radhe actor revealed why he declined it with his taste of humour. 

As most know, Chak De! India witnessed Shah Rukh play the role of the Hockey coach, Kabir Khan. The film released in 2007 turned out to be a super hit. It collected a total of Rs 102 crore at the worldwide box office. As it was for SRK, the film could have been an image changer for Salman as well.

During the press conference of Sultan, Salman Khan revealed why he rejected the film. Initially, he joked saying, “Chak De was offered to me but I left it because even Shah Rukh Khan should be a part of a few great films.”

Later on, Salman Khan went onto share the real reason why he rejected Chak De! India. The superstar added, “When I was offered Chak De, my image for totally different as I was doing Partner and all those kind of films. My only thing in Chak De was that my fans would expect me to wear a wig and win the match for India which would not go for the film.”

Just not that, the Radhe actor even added that he was too involved in the commercial zone.

“That was not my genre at that point of time. It was more serious kind of film and I was doing more of a commercial kind of cinema which I am still doing. I would never move out of commercial cinema zone but it is just that there would be a lot of meaningful cinema in the commercial zone,” Salman Khan concluded.


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Filler article.

This is a known thing. Much before Sultan interview days. Salman wanted changes in the script, demanding the final match should be between Ind Vs Pak was one of the major demand.

"As Salman and Yash Raj Productions had never worked together, Aditya was very keen to have Salman playing the main lead 'Kabir Khan' in the movie. Repeated meetings and talks happened between the two parties but they both could not come on common terms with each other. Salman wanted a different climax for the movie. He believed that since the character has lost everything in a match against Pakistan, the final match of the team that he will coach should be against Pakistan only. This, as per him, would complete the story of the character in a full circle. But Adi was adamant on keeping the pre-written version where the finale happens against Australia because this will look real and also they were having no intentions to touch sensitive relationship India has with its neighboring country."

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The period from 2000-2009, Salman made horrible choices. Did absolute craps for emotional reasons and don't pay attention to his career.

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He should have done CDI and Bajirao Mastani

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