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Actor Suniel Shetty, who has been a part of Bollywood for three decades now, says his problem is not being typecast but playing safe.

The 59-year-old star made his Bollywood debut in 1992 with the action drama “Balwan”, and was soon slotted as an action hero. Over the years, he made his mark in the genre with films such as “Mohra”, “Border”, “Kaante” and “Sapoot” among others.

Suniel Shetty also showed his versatility by playing the funnyman (“Hera Pheri” series, “Awara Paagal Deewaana”), the romantic anti-hero (“Dhadkan”), the offbeat protagonist (“Hu Tu Tu”), and the odd villain’s role (“Main Hoon Na”

In the new generation, actors as diverse as Tiger Shroff and Ayushmann Khurrana have made a mark by sticking to a particular kind of cinema. Elaborating on it, Suniel Shetty told IANS, “I guess over a period of time, whether it is Ayushmann Khurrana or Tiger Shroff, they will also start experimenting. What’s very important is to get an image and they have a definite image for themselves. These two names can only be appreciated, hats off to them.”

“My problem is not being typecast, my problem is playing safe. It is not the subject that affects me as much as the banners you choose to go with like, ‘I will only work with XYZ’, ‘who’s the director?’ That means you don’t have your own judgement,” he said.

“Keep aside Ayushmann and Tiger from that lot because they have gone with subjects, directors and not just gone with banners,” the actor, who last month hosted a show titled “21 Din Wellness In” on BIG FM, said.

Suniel feels the new generation actors have to create an individual style. “No risk (means) you are no actor according to me. Make your own style. Look at Tiger, Ayushmann, Salman they are all self-made. All of us were self-made. Yes, we made mistakes but there were Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, who came out with flying colours,” he said.

He added: “There was a Suniel Shetty who failed after a few years because he believed in the subject but the marketing failed.”

Shetty feels his journey in Bollywood will help his son Ahan pave his path, now that the latter is all set to enter Bollywood. “What I am trying to say is, I am talking about box-office. We start with box-office and how people react. Nobody will risk a Rs 50-crore film with Suniel Shetty today but they will risk a Rs 500-crore film with Akshay Kumar. Like I said, I made mistakes but that is fine. Probably that experience will be used by my son,” he said.

Suniel is happy how his run in Bollywood has shaped up. “It is an unbelievable journey. I am grateful is all I can say,” he concluded.



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I was a die-hard fan of Suniel Shetty in the 90s as well as Ajay Devgn. When I joined ItsBoxOffice in 2014, I used to talk about his movies and stardom. Some of his 90s action movies worked in the B and C's circuits e.g. Balwaan, Mohra, Gopi Kishan, Anth, Rakshak, Krishna, Bhai and etc. Interestingly him and Ajay had benefited from the success of Dilwale as they had a dull phase in 1993 but Ajay was ahead of him. He also gave a tough competition to Akshay Kumar as they were once Box Office rivalries for a short period that decade.

I'd say he's right that nobody will invest 50cr in him. That's because his market value was finished decades ago. Akshay is a different scenario as he still has energy hence makers are willing to invest money into him in big-budget movies like Sooryavanshi and Pritviraj. So he's still bankable and often reinvents himself like we see from Ajay Devgn.

Anyway, I'm very eager to see his son Ahan debut. COVID has spoilt everything as it's unlikely Tadap won't release this year. It's a remake of a Telugu movie called RX100 but the Hindi version will do well in B and C's doubt. He can be successful like Anna used to be in the 90s but it's competitive with all these youngsters like Tiger Shroff.

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RX100 had a hard hitting climax which I feel single people/heart broken people might relate to. That's the response I have received.

Nadiadwala is backing him and they are fairly successful in making careers. Tiger is doing well for himself and Kriti Sanon also getting some recognition. Tara Sutaria to add to the film and it looks like a winner.

I have a feeling Ahan will be fairly successful if Nadiadwala follows the Tiger Shroff route with him and continuously backs him

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Lol..I don't see any movie of Akshay with budget more than 30 cr

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Yeah. All movies with high budget only belongs to Salman na. Akshay toh bass timepass kar raha hai movies banake.

You're just trolling yourself by making such ridiculous statements against Akshay. HF4, Sooryavanshi, 2.0, Prithviraj, Bachchan Pandey. These films in a span of 2.5 years all over 160cr budget

Itna trolling kar kar ke tere khud ka star ka 133cr hua Dabangg3 mei :)


Lol sirf housefull4 160 cr hai..Baki k film k budget delhte hai BOI kitna dega!!!100% Low budget hit ka PR chalega as usual in social media!! Even Dabangg3 jaisi look walo movie ka budget 180vr diya hai BOI ne!!haha


Tere Salman Khan agar khud ke liye 100-120cr lega, toh obviously budget increase hoga.

And dusri baat, tu kab se BOI ke sab data pe believe karne lag gaya? Unka budget pe vishvas nai rakh sakte. Bass Dabangg 3 ka high budget bata dia toh tu uchal raha hai. Jab Salman ke kuch achai toh tu bolega warna nai.

And Akki ke baaki films 160cr budget cross nai hoga? Tere se baat karna hi bekar. Khud ko troll kar raha hai tu, me aur kya bol sakta hu tereko.

Bass andhbhakt Salman fan ho tum and andhbhakt Akki/SRK hater. Yehi karte raho life mei


I can bet none of akki movies will be more than 160 cr by Pro Akki website BOI sothat it can give hit verdict to every movie of his


Pro Akki BOI? Okay. All this started after Reshma Shetty became his manager right?

And who was she managing before Akki? Your Salman bhai for 10 years or so. And tabhi BOI was writing sing songs about him. But that's okay as long as it's in your favour. :)

And wake up from your delusion. Your hatred for stars who have a problem with Salman has become so high that you talk all sorts of crap about them. Whether it is Akshay or SRK, the kind of garbage you speak is of another level.

Salman fans like you are the reason why he is making such films, taking his fans for granted instead of trying something new. The same reason why he is trolled completely on social media. Concentrate on your own star rather than bothering about others.

And again. wake up from your delusion if you think films like SV and Prithviraj will have a budget of less than 160cr. Seriously you're a disgrace to all Salman fans!


Suniel might be referring to RoBo2 movie when he risking 500cr

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Sunil was a big draw in the 90s, but then he lacked the star power and the acting ability needed to be a major superstar like the others had in the same era.

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