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While Bollywood still hasn’t recovered from the blow of COVID-19’s first wave, the second wave came as a nightmare. And unfortunately, no one really knows, when will conditions become normal. Standing tall, Salman Khan kept his promise to release his Radhe in theatres to provide a bit of relief to exhibitors. but now, theatres are in a complete shut mode. Looking at the situation, it will take at least a month to return to normalcy. With no option in hand, the makers have now opted for a multiplatform release. But will it harm Salman’s one unprecedented streak at the box office? Let’s analyze.

If you are reading this, it’s sure that you are a box office enthusiast, so we expect that you will be aware of Salman’s unbeatable streak of 100 crore movies. But still, let’s brush up the memory. We saw Salman 2.0 taking the charge ever since Wanted (2009). But it was Dabangg that started a whole new era of box office numbers in Salman’s filmography.

Salman Khan’s Dabangg was his first 100 crore grosser and since then, he has delivered 14 back-to-back 100 crore+ movies. The overwhelming list includes- Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Jai Ho, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sultan, Tubelight, Tiger Zinda Hai, Race 3, Bharat and Dabangg 3. His next Radhe too is a commercial potboiler and it could have easily made 150 crore+ earnings in normal days (even with worst word-of-mouth). But, now, the scene is totally different as the pandemic is the biggest hurdle.

Moreover, Salman Khan has opted for a hybrid release strategy for Radhe, so it’s really tough for him to maintain his streak. Many would argue, theatres are still an option for regions that are allowing screening, so 100 crore is not a big deal. But here’s the catch! Salman has a massive fan following in North India, period. Unfortunately, the situation is worse in the Northern parts due to COVID. Also, the main markets of Mumbai and Pune are worse affected. In the South too, the situation isn’t good and on top of that, Salman has no massive fan base in the Southern region (excluding Telangana).

Miraculously, if the situation gets under control till April end (which is highly impossible), there will be still a scare amongst people to step into theatres. So, it seems like Radhe might break Salman’s streak of back-to-back 100 crore movies.


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If the pandemic doesn't break then I would be shocked. May be in Jan till March even, would have had some chance to score that number. Not anymore.

So I'll stick to saying "I would once and for all stop talking box office if Radhe does any noticeable numbers in India"

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Of course. Without Maharashtra you can not get anywhere near that 100cr number.

It's a theatrical release for namesake. Whatever extra money they can get through ticket sales is additional for them. They have sold the film to Zee on a huge price so they are already in profits.

Hopefully this hybrid release won't continue for too long and we get the normal theatrical release then OTT release norm soon!

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Lol..Who will expect it to cross 100cr in this time!! EVEN Bahubaali wouldn't have collected in this scenario in hindi belt!!

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There's no question of 100cr even 10cr is a huge ask with current situation.
It's getting a name sake theatrical release, theaters are almost closed everywhere and unless second wave miraculously controlled don't see it's fortune changing.

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I'm surprised they're even opting for a theatrical release in this scenario. Forget 100cr, even 1/4th of that number won't happen.

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