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Last year, Yash Raj Films was supposed to have a grand event, announcing the list of their next slate of films, to commemorate their 50 years celebration. But Covid 19 played spoilsport and the plan was annulled. But one piece of news that made the most amount of noise was the union between Aditya Chopra and Ajay Devgn for the first time. Yes, Ajay was all set to star in his first project with YRF and had verbally agreed to be a part of Shiv Rawail's next superhero flick.

Being a superhero film, YRF had allotted Rs. 90 crores budget to the cost of production of the film in addition to the print and publicity expenditure and Ajay Devgn’s acting fees. Taking a tentative figure for both the expenses, the approx. budget of the film was Rs. 180 crores which was also among the costliest film for Ajay Devgn till date.

Ajay was supposed to play the supervillain while Ananya Panday's cousin brother Ahaan Panday was all set to make his big debut with the action-adventure saga. Now, we can tell you that things have changed and Ajay won't be part of the film anymore. A source tells us, "Ajay had never signed on the dotted line. He had a powerful role, too. But now, it seems he doesn't have dates to allot to the project. Adi doesn't want to push the film any further since Ahaan also has been waiting for a few years now. They were still trying to chalk out a plan that could work out both for the superstar and the banner but at this point, it seems improbable."

Ajay already has a plethora of projects to finish. He has RRRMaidaanGangubai KathiawadiMaydayThank God and a film with Neeraj Pandey, too. Apart from this, he's also planning two more projects in-house itself. "So his dates are blocked till almost end of this year and it seems Ajay won't be able to accommodate the Shiv Rawail directorial anymore."

Ajay Devgn will also be seen in an intense and gritty new cop avatar with his first-ever crime-drama series titled Rudra – The Edge of Darkness, coming soon on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.


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Ajay Devgn has been offered the lead role and liked the concept but he hasn't had any negotiations with YRF. He has to have a negotiation before he signs the film but it remains to be seen if he will do it. This movie requires outdoor shooting but due to corona, it's impossible. That probably explains why Ajay has moved on with his other projects. If he's not doing this movie due to circumstances (Lack of dates) then we should respect and understand his decision.

@Suhas, how dare you say he will be finished in your comment below. Do you have any shame? What wrong with Ajay doing Luther remake (Web series) after Tanhaji's success? If Akshay Kumar can do Amazon Prime web series called The End then why can't Ajay? In Hollywood, big stars like Dwayne Johnson done TV series but it worked for him. Did it affect his career? NOPE.

If Ajay can't YRF's Superhero due to dates then you should respect his decision. Just like how you would respect Salman Khan's choice if he turns down a movie.

Ajay is a superstar who has been giving back-to-back Hits for the last four years. He has a good line up hence doing different types for masses and classes. That's why Chanakya, Kaithi remake, Singham 3 and Golmaal 5 can be game-changer for him at the Box Office. He's going to have more longativty as a leading hero. So don't underestimate him.

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Calm down Nikeel. By now you have to realise that anything done by an actor who isn't a Khan or HR will be mercilessly called out on this forum. Have seen it time and again and honestly sickens me with such double standard fans.

At your point, I am quite glad Ajay isn't doing this movie. First Akki now Ajay. There has to be something so bad in the script that 2 of Bollywood's super stars are rejecting it. And I don't think any other top star would want to do a film as a villain while the main actor is a 20 something year old debutant. I can imagine the final product when a 20 year old bashes up a 50+ year old. It won't do well at all the box office.

Ajay has a great line up of releases. Not sure when he will start Chanakya but with Thank God, Mayday and either Singham 3 or G5 along with OTT release Bhuj, he has a good lineup. And of course, a solo OTT web series is much better than being a supporting actor villain just to launch the career of that kid.

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Devgn quitting a YRF film & worse doing a web series which is Indian adaptation of Luther.

What the hell is happening? Who signs a web series right after giving Tanhaji? No wonder, Devgn will be the first one to fall among the 90s superstars.

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After seeing the careers of 90's star, the least affected were Akshay and Ajay. Even if they give continuous poor openings and Flops still they were getting many films back to back and in those B2B films 1-2 films were getting Superhit/Blockbuster and they are back on track.

Now see for SRK, he gave Excellent openers from Dilwale Raees and good opening for FAN JHMS ZERO. Lifetime were also good 139/129 cr. Rest were bad 100<.
Still he was touted as gone case. So I feel Khan's are the one who have a chance to fall compared to Ajay and Akshay.


@Suhas, Why are you bashing Ajay Devgn? What the heck your problem?


@Nikeel bashing him for his decision to star in a web series. I say the same for Shahid Kapoor who has signed Raj-DK's web series for Amazon Prime. Who does that after that gigantic success of Kabir Singh? It's surprising that Devgn went with the web series after Tanhaji. Saif Ali Khan signed Sacred Games only after having lost his market entirely, there was no future for him as lead actor in films.

@ManiacR Srk is down but still has enough fuel to pull through. Ajay Devgn on the other hand will slip through quickly. He has comedy genre but cannot stick to it for long, the action genre is competitive and he cannot hold on to Singham for long. He has intense drama genres which will eventually limit the appeal and he will go down much faster. Nothing against Devgn, it's just my hunch. All 90s superstars have max till 2025 to thrive. They got to take the backseat. What happens with Hrithik will be the disappointing part but nothing about the Khans/Kumars/Devgn will come as surprising post 2025.



He still has market value and I don't think OTT web series will affect his stardom unless it gets a bad response from audiences. I said last year that he knows the taste of audiences who are hungry for content movies e.g. Intense Drama and Thrillers. That's why he's doing different types of movies and it too worked for Akshay from 2016-2019. He still has a loyal mass following in Maharashtra and Gujarat in single screens who enjoy watching him in action masala movies. So I don't see anything competitive about the action genre for Ajay when he has masses in single-screen territory like Salman and Tiger Shroff. Frankly, I'm confident he will give five Blockbusters this decade if he continues to make the right choices for the next few years, hopefully.

Like you said, it's going to be crucial for Khans, Ajay & Akshay for the next few years.

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None of the big superstars should come on OTT. This comes as a major surprise. No need to do this when Ajay has just delivered a Tanhaji last year.

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I Heard HR is doing The Night Manager remake as a web series after Vikram Vedha remake.


Nah, he has refused it. He was in talks for it. None of the big stars should go for OTT. Khans/Ajay/Akki/HR, need them on the big screen. They are anyways not getting younger, make the most of what they have left.

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Apparently, he hasn't backed out. They are still in talks with him. Would be foolish if he does so.

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If he's unable to do this film due to dates then it's understandable as he has to complete Mayday, Chanakya, Thank God and Kaithi remake. After that, he will move on to Singham 3 as part of the Cop Universe and later Golmaal 5.

YRF is having a difficult time at the moment due to COVID with their films being put on hold. That's why they haven't even arranged a shooting of this Superhero movie as it requires outdoor shooting. If Ajay backs out then which big star will do it? I don't think Akshay will. This film is made to launch a newbie who debuting in YRF's banner.

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