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Laxmii confirmed its BLOCKBUSTER status on satellite as it recorded a record third screening of 1 crore plus impressions. Only Bahubali - The Conclusion has managed a 1 crore plus number on its third screening. Laxmii had a huge premiere but they way its holding is pretty insane especially as the content of the film looked mainly for Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Central belt.

The film did not get a theatrical release but got big numbers on digital but its these satellite numbers which confirm the acceptance of the public for the film. A lot was said about the film mainly in a negative way but the public is watching the film in a big way. At the time of release there was no theatrical to counteract the negativity but now satellite has put the record straight.

The film is on par with Housefull 4 after three screenings and Housefull 4 is the biggest outright Hindi blockbuster (not counting the Bahubali films) on satellite in recent times . Below are the figures for first three screenings of Housefull 4 and Laxmii. The number is the impressions which is basically the number of television sets which viewed the film.


1st 2,51,44,000

2nd - 71,80,000

3rd - 1,01,12,000

TOTAL - 4,24,36,000

Housefull 4

1st - 2,15,42,000

2nd - 1,32,26,000

3rd - 77,93,000

TOTAL - 4,25,61,000

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Eagerly waiting for the next article stating Akshay is no 1.

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Not sure if you have a problem with Akshay or with BOI.


BOI. Always been a bunch of fools and completely biased.

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