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For the time being, I guess KGF has the edge because Chapter 1 is a huge hit in it's Hindi dubbed version and everyone is eagerly waiting for the second chapter just like all were waiting for Baahubali 2 after 'The Beginning' and we all know how that went.

As for RRR, of course it has Rajamouli as the director and two big superstars of South but still the film is entirely fresh. Ajay Devgn is there as a household name in Hindi markets but then again KGF also has Sanjay Dutt as the antagonist so, it should be a tough call and I am certain that the one that's better is ultimately going to win in the long run. But in terms of first weekend or week, I guess KGF 2 will have an edge.
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KGF 2 for me. The hype for the movie is huge. I've seen KGF more times than Baahubali series. The teaser has already done the trick. Waiting for Rocky Bhai !!

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Definitely KGF 2. Had it not been for the pandemic, this movie could have challenged the 500cr mark in the Hindi version.

Repeat viewership on television and the fanbase of Rocky bhai. Plus the fantastic teaser. This one is a clear winner and my bet for HGOTY (across languages and in Hindi).

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

thats what i think.. the following for this movie is insane.. I have seen it some 20 times i guess and its my most watched movie.. just surreal

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is this even a question? RRR is a telugu flick.. its no bahubali.. they are trying by having Ajay and Alia but KGF2 is on another level.. its a must see event like BB2 was

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I feel RRR will collect more than KGF as RRR has Telugu market which is bigger than Kannada market. So In opening weekend RRR will lead hugely while in long run KGF can give tough fight.

by Costume designer (1.1k points)

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