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The rich Bengali culture has its roots in literature, music, fine arts and cinema. Many a time, these individual elements are creatively intertwined. And, the result is simply outstanding! There’s a very close connection between Bengali literature and cinema. We know of classics like Devdas that have a huge fanbase – both for the novel and the movie. They have entertained generations of readers and viewers.

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Dilip Kumar made the character of Devdas a living creature in blood and flesh

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They've missed my favorite Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. The Dibaker Banerjee's YRF movie is such an underrated classic! I wished YRF had the guts to invest in the second part even though the first one wasn't successful.

The first one had the look-and-feel of a perfect neo-noir murder mystery. That is of course the sole reason behind it not working as the audience were not familiar with that style of narrative and cinematography. Nevertheless, it was a classic ahead of it's time for Hindi cinema.

Not to mention that it's my favorite Sushant Singh Rajput movie as well alongside Kai Po Che. Ah, so much to remember when it comes to DBB. Though I never read the actual stories, I have had seen the Bengali mini-series 'Byomkesh' as well.

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