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Godzilla v Kong racked up very good first day collections as South India recorded strong collections especially Nizam /  Andhra and Tamil Nadu. The first day collections of the film will be in the 5.5-6 crore nett range and may well finish up towards the higher end of the range when final collections come from the South.



The Hindi markets are struggling as we are looking at one third of the business coming from Mumbai, North, Central and Eastern markets while the South contribution will be 60% on a worst case scenario. The final numbers of the film could go above 6 crore nett.



Tamil Nadu leads the way for the film with the highest numbers across the country followed by Nizam / Andhra and then it is Mumbai and Karnataka. The film is easily the highest number post the pandemic for a Hindi or Hollywood film but it cant really be compared as business again is mainly coming from circuits where Hindi films have a limted market. 



The last major Hollywood release Wonder Woman 84 released in December had a ratio of around 50% from South without Kerala and that was when conditions across the country were bad and now the ratio has gone to 60-70% as business in the South gets stronger.  Considering the South numbers of this film compared to hindi markets its pretty certain the release schedule of Hindi films is going out of the window as our markets are not just well short of the potential business.

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North is severely affected by Corona, South theater audience have came back proving once again they're the most loyal audience worldwide.

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