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Why is it that most Hollywood films collect from South rather than North or East (Kolkata) ?

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I mean North is considered as high class people with english speaking etc. But the collections for Hollywood films (English) comes mostly from Tamilnadu / Kerala / Karnataka / Nizam.

Even for Godzilla vs Kong also had 60% collections from South.
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"North is considered as high class people with english speaking"

That sort of belief end it late 70s itself.

Current scenario, it only has to do with the south India having more "theater going" audience than north India. Even when things were normal, south Indians remained the loyal theater going audience than north Indians.

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I mean North is considered as high class people with english speaking etc
Let's not go there, it's not cool to make such statements

Coming to your question
For Hollywood
Mumbai circuit is the Biggest followed by Tamilnadu.
So it's
Mumbai circuit>TN>AP/TS>Delhi/UP>Karnataka
Currently North markets especially Mumbai is severely affected by Pandemic with curfews and restrictions.
Telugu states though still has some problems due to Pandemic but the audience are back to theaters, Tamilnadu is struggling since Master but GVK opened best there that means audience will come out for event movies.
North needs Bollywood event movies to revive theatre biz

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