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Mumbai Saga saw a drop in collections on Tuesday as it collected a little over 1 crore nett. The drop was in the 20% range which takes the five day business of the film to 11 crore nett plus. The film had seen decent hold on Monday but could not consiladate that on Tuesday. The bigger fall came at bigger multiplexes.



The film was expected to drop today (Wednesday) as Godzilla v Kong will release but the drop has come one day earlier and it could drop further. The first week collections of the film are now looking to be 13 crore nett at best which probably makes the 20 crore nett number difficult to reach. 

The business in Mumbai circuit over the first four days has been the plus for the film and this has come despite heavy restrictions in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The film has grossed over the 3 crore nett in Mumbai circuit so far and will have better numbers than Roohi in week one even though it faced tougher conditions in terms of restrictions compared to Roohi. The first five day collections of Mumbai Saga are as follows.



Friday - 2,75,00,000



Saturday - 2,25,00,000



Sunday - 3,50,00,000



Monday - 1,50,00,000



Tuesday - 1,10,00,000



TOTAL - 11,10,00,000

Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6195
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Mumbai circuit contributing only 25% of it's collection sealed it's fate, with situation going worse from today it won't even cross 18cr and will settle with a disaster verdict.
In normal situation it would have failed too because nothing worked in it's favor including the movie itself though collection could have been close to 30 at best.

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