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Godzilla v Kong released today (Wednesday) is looking at a decent opening as it saw healthy footfalls at cinemas. The morning numbers are better than films like Roohi and Mumbai Saga in the Hindi markets and considering the release in South and general better condition of the box office in the South it should surpass the opening of all Hindi films released since October.



The film opening on Wednesday is not optimum as awareness is less and also promotion of the film was pretty much non existent but that is the case with many Hollywood releases. Still despite this there is a healthy turnout at the ticket counters.



Roohi picked up around 2.75 crore nett on Mahashivratri and Godzilla v Kong is generally better in most places even though the covid19 factor is more prevalent now than it was two weeks back. Roohi got healthy footfalls on the day due to the holiday but here Godzilla v Kong will have the plus of the South markets so it should comfortably beat the Roohi number.

It will also tell where the Hindi markets have come over the last few months as at the time of Wonder Woman 1984 the South circuits like Nizam / Andhra and Tamil Nadu were doing more than Delhi / UP and similar to Mumbai. Hopefully with this film the ratios go closer to normal although an outperformance in Nizam / Andhra will be very likely as even the likes of Roohi and Mumbai Saga are doing that and the latter with limited business of Marathawada.

Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6196
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GVK opening this big in pandemic is a pleasant surprise.

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