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Godzilla vs Kong : An Epic Showdown of the Greatest Titans of MonsterVerse!

After Kong Island & Godzilla : King of Monsters, the game was set for both the Giants to have an epic face-off in this WB MonsterVerse. And to be honest, that was all required from this movie, to be an epic CGI fest. And the makers recieved a 10/10 for that.

In 2014 Godzilla, the complain was that there were not enough proper glimpse of the Monster, but the human story, that no one wants to see much in a Godzilla movie had been loaded in that movie. They've understood their mistake and made a perfect balance of Monsters & human plot in Kong : Skull Island which was a hell of a ride! And finally with Godzilla : King of Monsters, they've just thrown out all the human storyline sh*ts and introduced us to many amazing new Titans. That made the film a visual masterpiece in terms of CGI and VFX, but there wasn't a story at all in the backdrop. The movie was just like an introduction to new Titans, and a giant set-up for the most awaited Godzilla vs Kong (which had the same buzz of Batman vs Superman).

And finally comes Godzilla vs Kong! The reason I am mentioning all the previous installments of this franchise is because GvK itself is nothing else but just an added installment to the MonsterVerse. If you are one of them who enjoys seeing giant Monsters ripping off the American rooftops and mega cities, then Godzilla vs Kong is for you. It's also for you if you like experiencing incredible 3D work in theaters. Because at the end of the day, Godzilla vs Kong is a movie that people will love to 'experience', but not really 'see'.

It's not a movie that you would like to watch in your mobile screen when the HD print releases. Because that way there's no fun in this movie. Unless of course you are a big fan of the King of Monsters and the King Kong himself.

As far as the plot goes, Apex Industries are building something that is against the force of nature and Godzilla arrives at their base and destroys the entire facility. Meanwhile Kong is transferred to live in a man-made area which has a limited space and Kong is not fond of that at all. Due to some 'hollow earth' reason that you will understand while watching the movie, Kong was asked to lead a group of people to his actual home, where all the Titans are born. In order to get hold of an ultimate energy source which will help Apex Industries to give life to their invention. How all of this comes together is the main plot of GvK.

I have to admit, Godzilla and Kong are the only two reasons why one would watch this movie. Godzilla is the heart of the movie and Kong is the soul. And both the sequences where these two fights with each other are a visual treat for all the Monster lovers out there.

Except that there is nothing much to expect either. And the filmmakers were very self-aware of this fact. They doesn't seem to waste their time much establishing characters, and the movie gets into action right away!

Rating - 7/10. It's much better than Godzilla (2014) & Godzilla : King of Monsters. I'd say Kong : Skull Island was more entertaining in terms of the storyline, but when it comes to visuals, watching these two giant ruling the human streets while facing each other is not something you get to see everyday in theaters.

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Godzilla vs Kong - The Rematch of the century, did it live up to the hype or not? Let's find out.

Movie -
Godzilla vs Kong is absolute batshit insane movie, it is almost everything you require from a Monster Movie. And you need not to fear about any Martha moment in here, Godzilla and Kong faught hard and faught untill one of them won definitively just like the makers promised. There are many more things that should be kept under wraos untill you watch the movie.

Story -
As for story, trailer made clear, *Godzilla is hurting people and people don't know why, and either something is provoking him or he's gone really evil and World now needs Kong to stop what's coming".

Godzilla is what he is, Unstoppable Force of Nature who just vaporizes anything that comes in its path. King of The Monsters is his absolute best here.

But it's Kong, who is our hero, it's his story we're following and his quest makers have shown. Kong is as majestic as ever and worthy of being a King himself.

Pros -
Godzilla and Kong themselves, there's no dull moment when they face off
​It is grand and majestic, and looks fantastic
​VFX are top notch, movie looks beautiful.
​Fights here are finally in day time, except one, and even that I've is bright enough to see what's going on.
​Fight Choreography, for those who think it's just Monster vs Monster, no it isn't, the fighting has lots of variables and it's more than just Throwing and Smashing
​A certain Character, who gets less screentime, but is absolute VIP.
​Human characters are actually better than previous Godzilla outings.
​There are more Monsters than just Godzilla and King, look out for them.
​Movie does important job of potraying Godzilla & Kong as Animals rather than just Monsters. They have emotions, they have expressions and their behavior is Animalistic rather than just being caricature.

Cons -
Humans are still exposition machines, C'mon movie. Show, not tell.
​Villain charavters lack scenes which can expand their motivation.
​More screentime for a Certain VIP would have been nice. It's screentime left lot to be desired
​Last 5 minutes bit rushed, movie could've been longer by 5-10 minutes to more expand on story and characters and give a proper ending.
​Somethings are unexplained and could've actually used some exposition about how it happened.

Final Word -
Godzilla vs King delivers what it promised, if you wanted to see some kickass Titan Action then you won't be dissapointed, if you wanted your favourite Titan shining then you won't be dissapointed, although one of them does lose in fight which might dampen your excitement, but Eden in that the movie has done commendable job in making Fans of birth Titans happy, even the losing Titan fans won't be dissapointed with final product.

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