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Roohi collected a fair 15.50 crore nett over its extended eight day first week with fair holds over the weekdays. The film opened on Mahashivratri and it was the first time since cinemas opened that you had an on the audience. Before Roohi the collections on the day had been so limited and most of the business came in advance. The collections did not just move on the day.



The collections are fair considering the situation because if these collections had come in February 2020 then this performance would be poor. At that time you would be expecting the Monday number to go close to the Friday number but at present you cant have those sort of expectations especially as films released since October 2020 have seen big Monday falls.



The weekday numbers are better than they look as many places saw restrictions and night curfews come into play from Monday. The film released on Thursday and at that time restrictions were in Maharashtra and doaba region in Punjab but by the end of the week most of Punjab was on night curfew and more cities in Maharashtra and it also spread into Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The first week collections of Roohi are as follows.

Thursday - 2,75,00,000



Friday - 2,00,00,000



Saturday - 3.10,00,000



Sunday - 3,50,00,000



Monday 1,25,00,000



Tuesday - 1,10,00,000



Wednesday - 1,00,00,000



Thursday - 85,00,000



TOTAL - 15,50,00,000

Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6183
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Roohi did better than what everyone expected looking at Pandemic and reviews .
It's a plus movie for the makers and they'll continue their horror universe.

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