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Roohi collected a 2 crore nett plus number on Friday coming of the Mahashivratri holiday which is a 25% drop and a healthy trend. The number may go a little above 2 crore nett when the final numbers from Mumbai and Delhi / UP come but 2 crore is there as it got a nice little evening push though not as strong the push on day one.



The two day collections of the film are 4.75 crore nett and there is Saturday and Sunday to come and in a normal scenario you would say its a comfortable 10 crore nett extended weekend but since cinemas opened in October the normal trends are not there as many films have seen a Sunday drop. 



Roohi is the closest we have seen to some normality at least in terms of an on the day audience which was very limted since October. Hopefully the film will see good upward trends over the weekend to get over that 10 crore nett mark. The film continues to be best in Delhi NCR though some of the higher collecting cinemas did see a drop but the jump there should also be better today. The two day collections of Roohi are as follows.



Thursday - 2,75,00,000



Friday - 2,00,00,000



TOTAL - 4,75,00,000

Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6173
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