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Roohi opened this morning and although you cant call it a good response it was a heartening response. The advance of the film was poor as it was around 35 lakh nett for the extended weekend and around 20 lakhs nett for the first day across India.



The advance was very slow and if we compare these advance numbers to the major releases like Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari, Tenet and Wonder Woman 84 then the one crore nett first day number looked a tough ask. Films like Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 released in December and had a far better advance but then hardly moved on the day



The difference here with Roohi is that the on the day audience seems to be better and the collections have at least moved forward in the morning. It could be due to the horror factor which gets a better audience in the mornings or hopefully its because more people are ready to to go the theatres now compared to three months back. 

Its still difficult to say where the film will end up at the end of the day but the hope would have been for the film to cross the Wonder Woman 1984 opening day which is the highest opening day total. It looked a dream where the advance finished but the morning gives hope and hopefully the film gets a steady audience through the day.



There are lockdowns and restrictions in many places especially Maharashtra and Punjab but the main audience for this film is going to be Delhi NCR and this area is fine and films are being allowed to run to 100% occupancy. Another plus is that 90-95% of the cinemas are open in Delhi / NCR though its a different story in UP.

The conditions across the Hindi circuits are not good for box office collections right now so its difficult to expect good numbers yet. Its going to be a process and if the audience keeps on trickling through the day then Roohi would have played a part in this process and that is all you can ask for at the moment.

Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6168
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2.5 crore nett opening day is good

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Can't expect more from an RR movie. Audiences will come back when the biggies start to arrive

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