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HR. Period. No point debating also.

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Hrithik can get big hits in action genre, the public wants to see his action. That's what matters.

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Yeah and unlike other people HR has his own choice, voice and conscience intact as well.

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The chase sequence of Boss is enough to prove who is better.

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uhmmm uhmmmm mangoes


My bad about it but from which angle it was a masterclass my dear. You mean beating tons of goons even when you are blind. Well thats a really good masterclass. Aur bhai 2-3 saal mein badi mushkil se ek film kar pata hai aur usme se bhi har doosri film papa Roshan ki badualat aati hai. Badi mushkil se ek action movie Tiger ki wajah se chal padi toh usko bhyi best in action bolne lage hai. Abhi Tiger ek aur movie hit karwa dega uski toh Tom cruise bhi chota pad jayega(n)


Haan dear. For you acting masterclass is pigeon shit and Bala dance. Hopeless


Oh how can I forget that you have a habit of dragging irrelevant things to back whatever shit you say. Nobody here called H4 a masterclass or anything close to that. When it released I called it entertaining and whatever it did at boxoffice is the proof of it. Its a different thing that you feel that the whole movie going audience is a fool and only a few bunch of half retard people here are genuine. And what else can be expected from you who was defending a outdated and rabbish movie like D3.
Aur rahi bhai Kaabil masterclass hone ki baat toh didn't it was slashed by an average movie like Raees at the boxoffice. Wasn't that similar to what happened some 6 months ago.
I still can't believe that you believe that Kaabil was a masterclass. Its means ZNMD for you is a Oscar deserving movie, right?

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