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So in our Hindi movie industry we have so many stars and superstars but they need to be actors first. I have identified these 5 qualities or attributes if you will to determine how the current superstars (only) rate on that scale and who comes on top.

This is not at all a ctritique of their acting prowess. I don't think I'm capable of that or for that matter many of us. It's just my opinion from what I have seen. I have watched them from childhood and I have a bit of a, you know, opinion about them.

Salman Khan:

Comedy: 3.5/5 (has that natural charm and timing)

Action: 4.5/5 (One of the best action superstars here)

Romance: 3/5 (Its a hit and miss, mostly looks shy and uncomfortable doing romance. Maybe the only current superstar who hasnt kissed on screen)

Intensity: 4/5 (He has that)

Sheer Effort: 2/5 (its sporadic, he gives 5/5 in Sultan but a miserable 0.5 in Race 3)

Total: 17/25



Comedy: 3/5 (Used to be a lot funny during MHN times but not much now)

Action: 4.5/5 (I think he does it the best after Akki, but under utilsied)

Romance: 4.5/5 (The king of Romance everyone)

Intensity: 4.5/5 (Can anyone argue here?)

Sheer Effort: 3/5 (should get a 5 but right now he's just promoting his VFX company)

Total: 19.5/25


Aamir Khan:

Comedy:3/5 (He's alright)

Action: 3.5/5 (Was amazing in Ghajini but we havent seen much of it)

Romance: 3/5 (Hes decent here too)

Intensity: 3.5/5 (Dhoom 3 reduces 0.5 points)

Sheer Effort: 5/5 (The best of his generation PERIOD)

Total: 18/25


Hritik Roshan:

Comedy: 3/5 (Again he has that charm but not much utilised)

Action: 4/5 (Alright, nuff said)

Romance: 3.5/5 (He's great but it bums me out when those 6 fingers come on screen :D JK)

Intensity: 4.5/5 (My favourite performance of all time in Hindi movies is his Vijay Chauhan)

Sheer Effort: 4/5 (Call it effort or laziness but he puts a lot of thought into what he does. Like unnecessarily long :D)

Total: 19/25


Askhay Kumar:

Comedy:5/5 (The dude exudes humour. Maybe over exposure on Kapil Sharma show for me has ruined it a bit but Bhool Bhulaiya! Damn, I'm ready to see Karthik Aryan ruin a childhood classic for me)

Action: 5/5 (He's called Khiladi eh!)

Romance: 2.5/5 (He is not much of a romancer :D )

Intensity: 3/5 (Khaaki was great but we havent seen much of that since then)

Sheer Effort: 2/5 (Hard to argue here. 4 movies a year. You can't really put too much effort that way)

Total: 17.5/25


Ajay Devgn:

Comedy:3/5 (He's not that funny when he's alone on screen but compliments very well around others like in Golmaal)

Action: 4/5 (We all knew how he'd turn up after that stunt he pulled off on two bikes in his first movie)

Romance: 2.5/5 (Again, not much of a romancer)

Intensity: 4.5/5 (He can literally bend a spoon with his eyes!)

Sheer Effort: 3/5 (he put a lot of effort for Shivaay and Tanhaji. Well shivaay was more of a director effort but still )

Total: 17/25


I do think Ranbir should be here but I havent seen enough of him. His movies which I have seen are BAH, Besharam and YJHD so not enough data. But based on what I have, it would seem partial so thats that.

So final rating goes,

1. SRK (19.5/25) I had little doubts here

2.  Hritik Roshan: 19/25 Totally deserves it

3. Aamir Khan (18/25) was low key expecting him to win

4. Akshay Kumar (17.5/25) Hmmmm

5. Ajay Devgn (17/25) Expected

6. Salman Khan (17/25) Now I know he should be joint 4th but as a fan I feel so cheated and frustrated when I see someone who can be right up there with the best, churning out mediocre performances like Dabangg3 time after time.
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And for the ranking in terms of stardom, the post speaks for itself :)

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Comedy- 5/5.
Intensity: 4/5

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Good post. As far as HR goes, he is weak at comedy. Though I hope he gives one more shot at it.

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Thank You for understanding SRK's underrated Action credentials amd unfulfilled potential.

And it's a mystery to me about how a person who is so witty in real life can be underutilized so much in comedy on screen.

And SRK should get 5 on effort..... His efforts in promoting his vfx are second to none (rofl) (rofl)

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Most of the times the people who are actually great in comedy films aren't that witty in real life. They are quite serious actually.

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Good rating...but how aamir and hr same in comedy..aamir deserves better. Perfect for SRK.

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both are good in subtle humour.. but slapstick comedy is where they lack something

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Comedy - 2/5
Intensity-4. 5/5
Sheer effort-3. 5/5

Comedy-4. 5/5
Romance-3. 5/5
Intensity-2. 5/5
Sheer effort-5/5
Total-18. 5/25

So the winner is aamir.

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