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Shahrukh Khan Break Akshay Kumar Long Standing Record.

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1. Khailadiyon Ka Khiladi - 14 June 1996

2. Andaaz - 23 May 2003

Time Period - 2533 Days Or 83 Months Or 6 Years 11 Months 8 Days.


1. Happy New Year - 24 Oct 2014

Time Period - 2625 Days Or 86 Months Or 7 Years 2 Months 7 Days

* Note - Shahrukh Khan not a single movie release till Dec 2021 so time period data taken till Dec 2021.

Source Link: Box Office India
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3 Answers

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his next target will be salman's 7 back to back clean flop/disaster (no below average here) within less than 2 years or 691 days....Love released on 15 nov 1991 and chandramukhi released on 22 oct 1993...


6 back to back below 50 lacs footfall (on this forum chappals are more important) within same time periods.

@Ajay what u think which one would be easier for srk to break the long standing record of salman..

between where is ur self proclaimed data about HGOTY (1991) and HGOT decade (80s) after Boi's article on phool aur kaante and kranti...

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1992 and 1993 srk will have deewana, bazigar and darr which will have more than 1.5 cr ff. and 1989 and 1991 salman will have 2 movies in form of MPK and saajan,


In the case of Amitabh Bachchan, you cannot comapre as his stardom was phenomenal. He gave 5 record openers in 90s itself with a gap of 7/8 years between a hit. That shows the kind of fan-following he had and that it was more an issue of content rather than stardom. SRK and Akshay Kumar during these two periods rarely achieved anything extraordinary be it opening-wise or anything else. So the comparison is not even fair.
5 record openers in his worst phase (90s = one decade) whereas all Khans have 6 record openers in their whole career of 30 years. I'm not even counting 80s and 70s over here.
Apart from the social media and on youtube, SRK hasn't been seen doing something worth his stature. The results aren't there.


@Bhavik Patel......calm down....this thread is all about not giving hit movie for longer period.... Not about any opening record or just reply based on topic....
second thing no question about amitabh's stardom...but ur claim is too exaggerated. u are attributed entire decade to him based on record opener in 90, 91 and 92.. Big B was biggest star (in terms of opening) till 1992..his last movie was khuda gawah as a superstar (movie riding on his shoulder as well as sridevi) which took bumper opening after that he was second fiddle to govinda in BMCM and character role in HKK. but look at his solo mritudata, suryavansham, lal badshah or any multi starrer with lesser star like kohram, aks etc had just average or below average opening...khans are different stature at this moment they are not doing any character role or second fiddle to current superstars like ranveer, varun or Ranbeer kapoor...look at their future project...
SRK and Akshay Kumar during these two periods rarely achieved anything extraordinary be it opening-wise or anything else
so what amitabh has achieved in 1992-1998? atleas srk has a some success like dilwale (worldwide second highest), fan good content with lot of accolades, Raees good commercial hit made good money, dear zindagi good commercial hit, jjhms-worst, zero-experiment with good performance but huge loses...isnt this achievement better than BigB's 1992-1998? who neither had commercial success nor praiseworthy performances.
5 record openers in his worst phase (90s = one decade) whereas all Khans have 6 record openers in their whole career of 30 years
Sometime statistic dont give correct picture...if he gave 5 record opener then y he forced to do second fiddle role and character role to current superstars of that time when he was just 50s, other hand all khans are doing central role and getting mighty project in their 50s and this will continue till another 5 years at least. look at Dilip kumar filmography at age of 60, he had central role in karma, vidhata, saudagar, izzatdar, KAA because producer trust him and never hesitate to cast him in central role in their mighty project.
And no producer wanted to cast him as a solo in their mighty project as a lead hero to invite heavy losses for the sake of record opening. actually his peak has over after shahenshah in true sense, after that needed support so started to work with then hot favorite mithun in GJS, Agneepath or Govinda, Rjnikanth in Hum and accept to work in khuda gawah when his co star have more footage than him but in parallel he churning flop after flop as solo with ajooba, akela, indrajeet, jadugar, main azzad hoon etc. only one silver lining in between was Aaj ka Arjun.


I didn't attribute him the whole decade, but no one has given as many record openers as him in this much less amount of movies and with such pathetic content.
He is playing second field, but has an impact on the box-office performance of the movie. TOH without Amitabh Bachchan wouldn't have taken such a grand opening which was 1/3 of its total. He was 56 at the time of BMCM and suffered from bankruptcy. He adapted himself according to the trend and made a comeback in the way he found right. Then, he gradually got back his prominence on low levels. From 2000-2005, he still was giving top 2/top 3 movies and he was 58/63 years old. 2 with SRK, Kaante (multi-starrer with Sanjay) and with his own son.
Of course, nowadays, they maintain themselves more. But that doesn't put them in the league of Amitabh who used to do more movies. By 84, he had the same amount of hit, the same number of movies and the same number of successes like SRK in 30 years. Longetivity-wise, he has entered his 6th decade and has more upcoming movies than SRK at the age of 78 (be it second field or character roles). Badlaa or Pink solely rode on his shoulders for the "hit" tag. Which other stars other than Amitabh Bachchan has been getting this many good projects. Dilip Kumar was very choosy which helped him stay longer (6 decades).
Funny you're taking from 1992-1998, whereas if you take the whole decade, he has given record opener in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994 (trash movie), 1998 (with Govinda), 1999 (though co-starring Ajay Devgn).

1990- Aaj Ja Arjun (2+ crore footfalls ) - Super-hit - 3rd HGOTY
Agneepath (1.25 crore footfalls) - 4th HGOTY - National award for best award
1991- Hum (2.25 crore ff) - 2nd HGOTY - Best actor award (3rd)
1992- Khuda Gawah (1.5/1.6 crore footfalls) - 3rd HGOTY (overseas blockbuster) -- underperformance
1993 - Nil
1994 - Insanyat (1+ crore footfalls ) - 11 HGOTY - delayed movie
1995 - Nil
1996 - Nil
1997 - Flop year
1998 - BMCH (4th HGOTY) clash with KKHH and record opener, Majob Saab (8th HGOTY)
1999 - Flop year, but gave Sooryavansham whose recall value is bigger than any movie of 90s.

top 3 - 3 movies
top 5 - 5 movies
top 10 - 7 movies

2+ crore footfalls - 2
1.5+ crore footfalls - 4
1+ crore footfalls - 9
With this, nowadays, any newcomer can become a "Superstar" according to media, a "Star" according to Trade and be amongst top 5 star of his decade (without opening)

He went bankrupt with ABCL, that's why he suffered a lot, due to which he was first constrained to take any role offered to him. His movies content wasn't supportive in the long term, hence his star value decreased. Check out list of highest paid indian actor. He was highest paid till 94/95 despite being retired.
His peak (Megastardom) ended after Mard, but his superstardom never ended till the early 2000s.
Funny how you're putting Mithun Chakraborty at the top who was second to Amitabh and called the "Amitabh Bachchan of the poor".

---> Mithun Chakraborty ka position.
Sridevi, the "lady Amitabh" ?
Ajooba managed to break-even and was an overseas success with Jaadugar, Akayla (7th HGOTY of 1991), Indrajeet and Main Azaad Hoon being real disasters. Main Azaad Hoon is one the finest movies made by tinnu anand like Agneepath (Mukul S.Anand), but unfortunately released in the wrong era. Now, people appreciate it.
Aisi kaunsi movie hai SRK ki 2010s mein jisko positive word-of-mouth mila hai ?
The most watched celebrity in the lockdown is Amitabh Bachchan, why not Rajnikant or Govinda ? Jabki he was playing second field to them, right ?
Pehle SRK ko bolo Salman Khan or Akshay Kumar se compete kare.
Dilip Kumar was known as the greatest actor, but never enjoyed Superstardom.

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Isn't he the most consistent actor?

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He hasn't had a release after 2018, that also counts isn't it ?

ago by Mega Star (225k points)

Yes everybody knows that he hasn't had a release since 2018 but records always counted.


Pathan will be a big blockbuster. It will do what War did. So a massive comeback loading for SRK


@Ajay u haven't reply me......ur question is lready wrong....Amithabh also dont have hit for more than 7 years hum was in 1st feb 1991 and BMCM was oct 1998...first correct urself..

chalo question...

will srk breaks long standing record of salmans, no 1.5 cr ff for 10 years 10 month and 5 days or equal to 4689 days with 32 movies...HSSH in nov. 1999 and Dabaang in Sep 2010...and question is about superstars (no akshay, ajay etc) and about lead actors (dont bring Amitabh who is doing character role for last 20 years)


down vote karne se muze fark nahi padta, reply karo.

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