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Ajay Devgn gave the biggest HIT of the year with Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior and the last time this happened was in 1991 with his first release Phool Aur Kaante which was the biggest HIT of 1991. The difference being that Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior was the biggest HIT and the biggest GROSSER while of 2020 Phool Aur Kaante was the biggest HIT but the second biggest grosser in 1991. Phool Aur Kaante was second to the Subhash Ghai magnum opus Saudagar but Phool Aur Kaante had far lower costs than Saudagar making it a bigger HIT.



The situation was similar to 2019 when Kabir Singh was the biggest HIT while War was the biggest grosser. Tanhaji - The Unsung Warrior recorded the highest footfalls ever for an Ajay Devgn film and was his third film to cross 2 crore footfalls after Phool Aur Kaante and Ishq. The film also had the second highest footfalls in the the last two years after Kabir Singh. The biggest BLOCKBUSTER of your career and huge applause for a performance from the audience which stands out made it Ajay Devgns year.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6153
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Now Footfalls of HUM And SAAJAN should be around 2crs.

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Yes SAAJAN was Never HGOTY go and Check OLD BOI in Year 2006 & 2010
Even BOI.co.in prr bhi SAUDAGAR HGOTY tha & PAK ko BHOTY diya hai

AB ka bhi Increase krga BOI kyuki 1982,1984,1985 etc jaise YEARS gadbad hai.

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As if they have stick to there data of 2006 and 2010..BOI has drastically changed collection of most of the movies pre2000s at their whim..I genuinely believe BOI holds no credence for movies data before 2003..


bhai 1985 me RTGM was HGOTY thi, 1984 me tohfa. and 1982 vidhata...all these movies have done huge business all over be it city or interior.


80s ka Sbhi DATA fake hai uska except BHOTD Kranti (1981) & HGOTD Mpk (1989)

Mard was HGOTY 1985


Bhai, RTGM hameshase hi badhi hit rahi hai aur biggest grosser bhi....movie was phenomenon hit at small centers as well as in big...and movie has long run...I still remember craze of its song, in-fact pyar jhukta nahi was too closed to mard..in terms of footfall...in earlier trade most verdicts of the movies gives based on city collection...thats y parinda dil chahta hai used to called big hit in media but actually they were huge in 4-5 cities only, not all india hit. i m not saying mard was small hit but RTGM was bigger grosser and bigger hit. that is y it was term as an atbb...


ATbb hamesha bigger grosser ko nahi milta hai wo D.S per depend karta hai.


Pyaar Jhukta Nahi Closed to Mard in Terms of Footfalls ?
Lol 4cr FFs honge PJN ke ?

Mai kaha RTGM ko kuch bol raha wo bas BHOTY thi not HGOTY maine LINK diya hai dekh lo 3 jgah HGOTY bas MARD hai.


BHOTY....Kya hai....
aur wo tere link me 3 jagah kaha hai, bas boi.co me jaha tu Mard ko HGOTY manta hai lekin lekin HNY ke 45 cr opening ko nahi manta...aur second me kisi film magazine ka cut out hai aur Big B fan hai, jo trade ke numbers nahi hai...3rd me BOI me RTGM HGOTY hau with 9.5cr ke saath..
second thing Boi ke mard wale article me kaha tha RTGM was 1cr more in mumbai circuit and north and east mard was ahead...lekin yeh north and east wala difference sirf 15-20 lacs ka hoga.
mard ke ff 3.6 to 4cr ke bichme honge same like dangal...considering 450cr business in todays time... PJN ka ff ka doubt hai...collection sahi se track nahi hue hai movie ke...lekin movie bahot badi hit thi all india level pe especially small centers per, lekin small centerke collection sahi se track nahi hai, aur mithun ko suddenly top 2 star bola ja raha tha...uske baad bahot sari back back filme hit/super hit hui thi...pyari behna, ma kasam, aandhi toofan, KKK, baadal, dilwala etc

@nitesh singh...RTGM ds ke wajah se nahi, uske business ke wajah se atbb thi...aise bahot movies atbb ho jati


Tu PJN ka 5cr FFs maan mjhe usme koi Problem nahi mjhe jo dena tha wo de diya ab mera Saar naa khaa bas (y)


bhai yeh BHOTY kya hai?


mard is way behind RTGM in final gross but sadly hero did not got much credit as it was Raj kapoor's movie


Mard was a highest grosser of 1985 and RTGM was biggest hit. jaha tak footfall ki baat hai mard 4 cr plus and RTGM should be around 3.50 to 3.75 cr.


no RTGM was much bigger hit and higher grosser than mard although mard opening was extraordinary

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Lol..This BOI is making fun of itself!! Contradicting their own commentary and data..Its time everyone moveon from the data given by BOI , which is working on payroll I guess!!

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Dilip Kumar becomes the only actor with highest Grosser of the year in 5 different decades
Jugnu 40s
Madhumati 50 s
Mughal E Azam 60s
Kranti 80s
Saudagar 90s.
Wish Salman match him this decade (MPK, HAHK,NE, Dabangg).

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no. of times I told that PAK was the biggest hit of Ajay Devgan's career. it was all india blockbuster unlike tanaji which is one or two state blockbuster. I have experienced the craze of he movie. movie got very bad cinema hall at the time of release, it was released in super cinema -grant road and no of other b and c grade screens in mumbai, due to Lamhe, but still public throng to cinema hall. Songs were instantly hit. Emergence of Ajay devgan is main reason of salman's downfall (1992-1994).
where are those who keep saying that eiher hum or saajan are HGOTY. lets see which will be third highest grosser between saajan and Hum, or Heena may emerges third.

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There has always been a dispute for years on which was the biggest grosser but I guess this article has explained it. Saudagar was the HGOTY whilst Phool Aur Kaante was the BGOTY with a 2cr footfall.

So Ajay Devgn has 2x BGOTY in Phool Aur Kaante and Tanhaji which was also the HGOTY verified by BOI.

Ajay has joined Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra, Khans, Rajesh Khanna, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Jeetendra, Sunny Deol, Manoj Kumar, HR and etc for giving BGOTY (2x) as the leading actor.

This is an excellent achievement for Ajay. As a fan, I always consider him the most underrated actor in terms of Box Office. Hope he continues his success with more Blockbusters in future. He will always remain a superstar.

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Saajan would not be even a Superhit most probably a hit


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