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Tollywood has already announced all their major super stars movie release dates and blocked major festivals and more over 3-4 movies are pan india movies.

Pushpa is releasing on august 13th independence day which is usually a big date for bollywood and RRR has taken dusherra also.

Why is not Bollywood announcing the release dates when they have so many movies ready to release??

If this is the case then tollywood will destroy bollywood in next 1-2 years.
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They're releasing know...

22nd Jan 2021 - Madam Chief Minister
5th Feb 2021 - Aadhaar

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and every second star is called a Megastar by their fans but we have to wait for Radhe and Eid for Salman to show the way

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Govt is announcing full capacity.. Wait for 83 to release first. Radhe is committed for EID so won't release early while Antim will aim for September release. That would be the calendar for Salman Khan.

Need to see which date Sooryavanshi takes on as there multiple biggies ahead. None will want a clash with RRR or KGF Chapter 2.

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Biggest release is already scheduled for Eid. Before that you have Sooryavanshi also lined up. Bollywood will storm back with full force this year.

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Global megastar in the history of cinema, Aamir is coming this year with lal singh...

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