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Huge Lineup Post Covid For Hindi Films

Friday 22 January 2022 15.00 IST

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There is always worry when news comes out of an OTT platform coming for a film meant for theatrical release which happened recently but thats just the news coming out in the open, most within are already aware of this and there are other films being approached as well. The fact remains the OTT platform Amazon Prime does offer huge money and can always tempt especially as the box office has not going yet. This does not mean the film is going to OTT for sure. Also no matter what is said about Coolie No1 it is a success in terms of numbers so Prime will continue to approach the bigger films. Actually the biggest sign of success is that they still coming with big money for the bigger films.

  It is not a healthy sign to go to OTT in the long run as you kill equity but once the box office starts to roll then the difference between a theatrical release and OTT will be seen as success at the box office and success on OTT are like chalk and cheese with the world fully aware of a box office success while on OTT it goes unnoticed. So sometimes financial its fine with OTT but the talent involved also has to feel the success as whats the point of success otherwise.

  2020 was a horrible year and this year will will be a bit of a go slow year despite a good lineup. This is mainly as the first quarter will be gone and business will be less than normal when things start again. But 2022 should be huge as there is a backlog and also while hardly any films were shot in the second and third quarter of 2020 the plans were happening as that is all they could do. This will bear fruit in 2022 as the line up will be the biggest ever seen in recent history and the surprise will be if its not a record year. The slump has some due to exteral factors and normally in this situation the bounce is back is big. The major films that will make it 2022 are as follows.

  RRR (Hindi dubbed but brand value due to Bahubali and the directer Rajamouli)




Tiger Franchise












Heropanti 2




Circkus (this has outside chance of 2021 release)


Jug Jugg Jeeyo


Untitled Ranbir Starrer (Luv Ranjan)



Then after this there are 2-3 Akshay Kumar starrers lined up for next year and the chance that Bachchan Pandey could also go early next year if it does not get a December release. There is likely to be one more film from Ajay Devgn and Varun Dhawan and then Ranveer Singh / Karan Johor combo is expected also. Shahid Kapoor is likely to have one release also.


 Also three likely releases from John Abraham, and two each from Kartik Aryan and Ayushmann Khurana. This is around 25 films with 100 crore nett plus potential just there. Maybe only 20 of these films will make but then some others will pop up.
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Waiting for the big releases first this year. Sooryavanshi, Radhe etc will set the ball rolling.

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