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Master continued to do good business on day two with business over 20 crore nett. The film opened in its dubbed Hindi format Vijay The Master but the response was not too good. The film went to around 900 screens but was mainly a multiplex release as most single screens in the Hindi circuits remain shut and dubbed films have a very limited market in multiplexes.



Vijay The Master collected around 35 lakhs nett with collections mainly from Mumbai circuit with around 15 lakhs. North India collected 7 lakhs nett while East India was also 7 lakhs nett  and a further 5-6 lakhs nett came from CP Berar, CI and Marathawada. These collections may seem low but its par for the course for a South dubbed film which is not coming with any brand value. 



Overall the film is doing very good business as its target audience in the South is coming to the theatres. The film saw a drop in Nizam / Andhra but that was expected as there were new Telugu releases yesterday. The film is still a HIT in Nizam / Andhra. Tamil Nadu is good as it saw a normal drop on day two and took its two day total to 33.50 crore nett in the state. The all India two day business of the film is around 55 crore nett which is excellent. The second day breakdown for the film is as follows. 



Tamil Nadu - 13,00,00,000 apprx


Nizam / Andhra - 2,75,00,000 apprx


Karnataka - 2,00,00,000 apprx


Kerala - 1,75,00,000 apprx


Hindi Circuits - 60,00,000 apprx (including Tamil and Telugu)


TOTAL - 20,10,00,000 apprx

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This is what happens in south,almost 40-50% drop from day1,despite day2 being holiday.
If this was bwood film then it would be called huge drop.

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Master day wise Nett



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