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The Tamil film Master due to release on 13th January has seen a huge demand for tickets across Tamil Nadu. The way plans are filling up you would assume there is no pandemic and it seems that every ticket available will be sold by the time the film releases as demand outstrips supply due to 50% capacity restrictions. In reality this may not be the case as its near impossible to sell every ticket but its going to be pretty close which is phenomenal.



The advance is also super strong in Bangalore and Hyderabad with the original Tamil version being superstrong in both cities and even the Telugu version getting a very strong advance in Hyderabad. The Tamil version has also seen a good response in some properties in Mumbai and Delhi. These are properties around educational institutes which probably have many students from Tamil Nadu. Still its the best advance these properties will have seen post the reopenng of cinemas.



The Hindi version of the film named Vijay The Master will see a release on the 14th January and here the advance is lacklustre which is expected. Still the film has a big release and there should be enough of a crowd on day one to ensure it is also the best opening in the Hindi belts post Covid19.



The box office is going to back for sure in a huge way in Tamil Nadu on the 13th and Andhra Pradesh has seen solid responses with a couple of films and while Vijay The Master should push the Hindi markets to higher levels it will still be a waiting game for one of the audience friendly biggies like Sooryavanshi or Radhe. Seeing the response to Master shows that cinema is cinema and irreplaceable where success can be felt (lets say initial success here) while all the OTT premieres come and go like a theatrical flop even if they find an audience.

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