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South Indian cinema have the best BGM. Especially Vijay's films. I still remember the one during Bhairava, which Rohit Shetty also used as Ajay Devgn's entry scene in Golmaal Again. That was pure mass.

Here as well, I am excited to watch the film just for the BGM. Of course Thalapathy Vijay and Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi clashing with each other is a big factor. But this BGM is super catchy.

Hope this ones scores at the BO, at least the original Tamil version. Though with 100% capacity, the risk of the virus spreading is really high, but at least it gives hope to other medium-big budget films to release their films in the theatres.

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Bro 200-300 people can't be allegated for spreading vitus when 1000 of people of gathering in different places for different reasons around across the country.
Spread of Virus in subcontinent has been hampered by some very unknown reason. Yes reason is still not clear but results are no doubt are convincing.


The fan following of Vijay in TN is immense! and when the entire country is operating at 50%, it is very greedy and business oriented to allow 100% right now.

The film will score very well, but at what cost? Without theatres there are still cases of Covid. With 100% capacity for a Vijay film, it will be chaos.


The is chaos already everywhere. Almost al the other things are operating in one or other way. Schools are open, colleges are open. People are celebrating every festival like normal days and so many weddings are happening. Even after all this if cases are still coming down then why should film industry be the one taking all the toll.
Its been over an year and a section of people have not earned anything. In my city one of the famous single screen has been demolished. I use to visit there whenever a massy movie would release. I believe this is the story in most part of the country. So, its time to let them operate normally otherwise till the time they are allowed to there well might not be enough cinemas remaining.
I just hope that one of Sooryawanshi, 83 or Radhe releases soon. Even if they endure some losses but its necessary for the revival of hindi film industry.

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Proud of Thalapathy holfing his ready content for over 10 months and pushing away the huge OTT offers and showing immense guts to bring the movie onky to theatres for the sake of fans and revival of cinema industry that has been suffering for the past year.. As always leading from the front.. Let the movie be a huge success for his heart and fod the good of cinema and people associated with it..

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