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Cinemas returned a few months back and some places are doing better than others. We have had two films with an all India release and they are Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 and both have have similar performance as far as the ratio of business from each circuit.



It is pretty clear that Nizam / Andhra and Tamil Nadu are ahead of other places in terms of a returning audience. Both these circuits are giving double their normal contribution for a Hollywood film at present while most other circuits are less. The other circuit doing better is West Bengal as that had a early start with good footfalls during Puja in October.



Tamil Nadu is the first state to allow 100% occupancy which is great news though surprising as it was expected that centre would make the decision to allow full occupancy and then the state would decide if the pandmic issue in their state allows full occupancy.



The hope will be that all goes well when Tamil films release on Pongal as this will mean more states allowing full occupancy. What will not be needed is a rise in infection rate in Tamil Nadu after allowing 100% occupancy as that will put plans back across India. Europe saw big rises in infections after sporting events in February but that was as crowds of 50k plus gathered and that is not likely this much crowd will gather together at cinemas. 



The ratio of Wonder Woman 1984 with the ratio of Hollywood films in 2019 in brackets is as follows. Odisha and Kerala have seen cinemas opening in January 2021 but there are no collections of Wonder Woman 1984 as yet while Raj sthan remains shut. The circuits performing better than normal are in bold.



Mumbai - 21% (29%)


Delhi / UP - 17.5% (19%)


East Punjab - 5.75% (7%)


Rajasthan - Shut (3%)


CP Berar - 1.75% (3%)


CI - 1% (2.5%)


Nizam / Andhra - 16%  (8%) 


Mysore / Karnataka - 10% (10%)


Tamil Nadu - 18% (9%)


Kerala - Shut (2.5%)


West Bengal - 7.5% (4%)


Bihar - 0.75% (1%)


Assam - 0.75% (1%)


Odisha - Shut (1%)

Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6126
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