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CONFESSION : Happy New Year!! And It has always been me.

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Hey everyone. It's been nearly 4 years since I have been here.

I am not sure If this has been investigated properly but, let me admit, Kabir, Intense, Rajat, Nolaniitjee & Grand Nova (one of the 5 most controversial ids in their times) have been the product of my intellectual products only. I really have no idea if you admins have figured this out yet or not but let me reassure, I(we) have had really great time here with these 5 ids here. I cannot say about the fate of this id now, but I do have a couple of more untraced ids (which I can reveal only if the admins make a pact not to block my original id.)

I'd particularly like to apologize to Aamir Fans Kashyap123 and Rancho...... SRK Fans Karan Khan & Baadshah (Not you, Jatinder)...... Salman fans Imran, Tanveer and Hrithik fans Greek God & Anand. Forgive me if have I hurt your sentiments. I never meant to hurt a Fan's emotions because I am a FAN myself.. Anyway, This is it, this is where it all ends, my watch has ended!

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I am suhas and zin. It's my forum.

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That's the best news I've got on the first day of the new year. In my 6 years on the forum, I never knew I am a fake account.

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haHA ...RAhil bhai, main Shah Rukh Khan ko zyada time daita tha isiliye films flop hona shuru hogayi....ab km km ata hn forum par so that I can focus more on Pathan.....see you soon in the theaters

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