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Today is the 31st Anniversary of Cult,claasic,phenomenal and Musical an ATBB movie MAINE PYAR KIYA. The movie which almost broken the long standing records of Biggest movie in the Indian History SHOLEY by grossing 14.5cr to 15cr Nett and 28.5 to 29cr Gross and Garnered 4.5cr Approx Admits. But not many know that Maine Pyar Kiya earned that 15cr~ in three way Heavy clash that too with the Superstars of that times like Shatrughan sinha,Sunny deol and Kumar Gauravs movies which i will reval and list below. The movie was that remarkable which made Salman khan an overnight Star and became HIGHEST GROSSER OF THE YEAR then beating Ram Lakhan Parinda and many other movies . It will be bad on my side if i dont say anything about the BLOCKBUSTER music album of that movie whose each and every song was chartbuster especially "KABOOTER JA JA JA" which did rewind the cllasical way of messaging through  PIGEON. Now at the end i Sum up my writings by stating Boxoffice achievements which are listed below:-

Origional Nett - 14.5- 15cr

Origional Gross - 28-29cr

Overseas Gross - 1 M

Admits: 4.5cr Approx

Adjusted Nett as per 2019s ATP - 570cr

Adjusted Gross - 675cr


MPK vs Jurrat - woMPK vs Aag Ka Gola  won

Note:- All the figures listed in my writings are approx they can vary 5-10% with BOIs final update
Source Link: Wikipedia,twitter
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No movie has been as influential as MPK in bollywood history.Biggest Hit of Bollywood till then, according to Manmohan Desai

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Well, let's be honest. It is neither a cult nor a classic. Besides, it is not even a Musical ATBB. Lol!

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