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Dilip Kumar - 4 (40s, 50s, 60s, 80s)
Amitabh Bachchan* - 3 (70s, 80s, 00s)
Dharmendra - 3 (60s, 70s, 80s)
Salman Khan* - 3 (80s, 90s, 10s)
Aamir Khan* - 3 (90s, 00s, 10s)
Shah Rukh Khan* - 3 (90s, 00s, 10s)
Sunny Deol - 3 (80s, 90s, 00s)
Hrithik Roshan* - 2 (00s, 10s)
Akshay Kumar* - 2 (90s, 10s)
Ajay Devgn - 2 (10s, 20s)

* : those who have a chance to better their record in this decade with their upcoming movies. (Big B had a huge chance to make an insane record of 5 decades had TOH worked for him. This decade, he anyway has big-budget movies which has the potential of becoming Blockbusters. Khans and him do have a chance to match Dilip Kumar's record.

BOI (old 2004)
3.Dilip Kumar
4.Dev Anand
5.Rajesh Khanna
6.Rajendra Kumar
8.Ashok Kumar
9.Shahrukh Khan
10.Shammi Kapoor

2025 (prediction) :
1. Amitabh Bachchan
2. Dharmendra
3. Dilip Kumar
4. Salman Khan (The 2010s was humongous for Salman Khan and took his stardom to Superstardom. He may even be the first one to challenge the top 3 this decade)
5. Shahrukh Khan (He is on a downhill or may have one or two big hits. But his 5th position seemed secure way before, even before his downfall started. Unfortunately, he will miss the 4th position as Salman Khan grew by leaps and bounds)
6. Rajesh Khanna
7. Jeetendra
8. Akshay Kumar (if he maintains the same level of success as 2016-2020. Otherwise, if his next movies surprise in terms of bumper opener, record opener, footfalls, top (2-3) grossers, BB's, he may cross Jeetendra and perhaps Rajesh Khanna (few chances) as he has a huge volume as well as the success. The only missing part is the magnitude) 
9. Rishi Kapoor
10. Mithun Chakraborty

Honorable Mentions : Raj Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, Sunny Deol, Hrithik Roshan.


Source Link: BOI - The best films of Rishi Kapoor
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You mentioned the list of actors who have Blockbusters in each decade including Ajay (10s & 20s) but in the 90s he had Phool Aur Kaante which was BB in the new BOI.

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Akshay Kumar should get that Blockbuster verdict with Sooryavanshi and Prithviraj, of course under the assumption that the situation in the country is back to normal and the public are returning to the theatres. Bachchan Pandey will depend on how it performs at the single screen. Remaining films will work on his stardom and content as they don't have the scale to be a big blockbuster. He has volume on his side, so he will give more successful films in the future.

Ajay Devgn with the Golmaal and Singham films. Probably if he acts in historical films more like Tanhaji and takes the Unsung Stories forward he will get more Blockbusters. Again, has volume on his side.

Salman Khan's next Blockbusters are definitely Tiger 3 and Kick 2. Radhe is a hurried project and Antim with Aayush doesn't look promising to be a Blockbuster. A dark gangster film ideally wouldn't classify for a Blockbuster. The Sooraj Barjatya film might also be a Blockbuster. The less said about KEKD the better. Just like Bachchan Pandey, the verdict of KEKD will depend on it's performance in the single screens.

SRK's best chance will be Pathan and the Raju Hirani film. Uske baad pata nai next film kab sign karega. But the scale at which Pathan is being made with cameos by Salman and HR, this is easily a Blockbuster for him, subject to content and story of the film of course.

Aamir only has LSC with him. No clarity of what his next film is as there are reports of him rejecting the Vikram Vedha remake. Though IMO, LSC won't be a big grosser as a similar story line was tried in Bharat and that folded up under 200cr, working solely on Salman's star power. However, being an Aamir film, he might spring up a surprise.

HR hasn't signed any film at all. Reports of Krrish 4, War 2, Vikram Vedha remake are going around and on any given day all of these are Blockbusters. But bhai announcement toh kar de movie ka!

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*It's a good post and straightforward but you left out Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan below in the honorable mention.

Ajay Devgn: He will have 3 or 4 Blockbusters this decade as Golmaal 5, Singham 3 and Cop Universe (Crossover) is guaranteed. Rohit Shetty is the director for these three movies but Ajay's contribution counts. Kaithi remake has potential but I'd be cautious because I read a blind item that Ajay is ghost directing it. It's a mass action movie in his comfort zone so I hope it works.

He's also going to collaborate with YRF for the first time in an action film. Considering how much this genre has favored YRF then I'm certain this will be a potential Blockbuster in the making. I was keen on him to do the Suheldev biopic because I feel this will be a perfect addition to the Unsung Warrior series. Of course, he can make this film big a the BO seeing as Tanha Ji worked but his lineup is long so him doing Suheldev is doubtful.

Akshay Kumar: His line up is good so his 2016-2020 phase will continue with a list of Hits and Super Hits. It's likely he will give a few Blockbusters but Sooryavanshi may find it hard unless the 50% occupancy is removed. Prithviraj is looking possible and it will give him his second 2cr footfall hence it might even surpass Mohra. After this film, his market value would have increased leading to more prospects in future (Big budget movies) although he will stick to small to medium film.

Salman Khan: He's going to be leading the way at the BO as he's given many Blockbusters in the last decade. So if he gives more then he will be able to challenge Dilip Kumar & Amitabh Bachchan but he should work with better directors. I'm certain Tiger 3, Spy Universe (Crossover) & Kick 2 will be Blockbusters that will cement his legacy. Radhe has a mediocre director but it's being backed by YRF and they have managed to polish this film rather than it being a rushed product. So there's some hope for it to work. Only thing I'm reluctant about is Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali because the director isn't all that but it may work if it's a good entertainer.

SRK: His comeback seems promising and guaranteed Blockbuster with YRF but he will have to keep giving more in future. I think he will have three or four e.g. Pathaan, Hirani, Spy Universe (Crossover) and possibly Atlee's movie if it works.

Aamir Khan: He has created records in the past and he will do it again with the right content. Lal Singh Chadha is a Hollywood remake of Forrest Gump. It seems that he has worked hard on this project to make he gets everything right. 400cr hasn't be founded yet but Aamir may be the first actor to give it. Plus, he's doing the Mogul biopic so he must see potential in it. So I'm pretty sure he will give more ATBB this decade.

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Correction: Akki has 2 2cr+ footfalls. You left out Rowdy Rathore.

Sooryavanshi and Prithviraj have potential to cross 2cr, but now it will depend on the release date and the theatre occupancy


Yes, thanks.

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By 2025 Salman would have extended his dominance to even bigger levels. I just hope HR doesn't waste the next 3-4 years. 2-3 more blockbusters is what fans need.

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QSQT will be blockbuster

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