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Indoo Ki Jawani was much as expected with very low collections. The film would have struggled in normal conditions and in these times it hardly had a chance. The only hope was for a decent weekend trend but that did not come as the film is not good.



The film collected around 60 lakhs nett over the weekend from a first day being under 20 lakhs nett. The business came mainly form the big chains as they collected around 40 lakhs nett. Considering the way business is over the weekdays at the moment then the film will hardly do 1 crore nett business in the long run. In Overseas markets the film collected $35k with $20k of this coming from the Gulf




Tenet is doing decent business over the weekends. It had collected around 4 crore nett over the first weekend and the second weekend has grossed 2.75 crore nett which is a drop of 30%. The weekday business is not good but at least some of the audience is coming in on the weeeknds. The ten day business of Tenet is 8.25 crore nett with 5.50 crore nett in the first week and 2.75 crore nett in the second weekend.



The film has a huge contribution from the South with Tamil Nadu leading the way. Mumbai and South are contributing over 80% of the all India collections of the film with more than 60% coming from the South. The film should now comfortably cross the 10 crore nett mark and if does not come over the weekdays it will surely come over the third weekend.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6113
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South contributing that much with more screening than North.
Master is about to release despite pandemic, south will recover from pandemic destruction but Bollywood is under ventilator.

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