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Ranveer Singh is all set to start his career's 2nd decade with biggies like 83, Dhoom 4 & Mr. India reboot.

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He is going to be the biggest star in coming few years among the young generation.

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When you move from John Abraham to Hrithik to Aamir as your antagonist in your franchise, one expected them to go up with either Salman, Akshay or SRK as the next antagonist. But Ranveer as the next villian?

He is a star, no doubt about it. But franchises are made to break records of the previous film and breaking that insane 260cr record of 2013 with Ranveer? Not going to happen.

There were talks about Ranveer replacing Abhishek in the film and Salman will be the antagonist. But with the huge line up Salman himself has, don't see this happening anytime soon.

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Guess it's time for younger lot to carry the mantle. Salman has his own Dhoom called Kick so definitely not required to star in Dhoom franchise plus he has Tiger. Similarly Srk has been given Pathan.

Ranbir has completed Shamshera so wondering if he would get on with D4 franchise with Ranveer. Obviously there definitely will be a film starring both of them.

It's only Mr.India reboot which irks me. That news of Srk being offered the iconic Mogambo role was blasphemy. Srk is still the hero & that's about it. I'll be damned of Arjun Kapoor comes on board for Mr.India reboot.


With all due respect, Akshay isn't capable of making Dhoom 4 huge. Dhoom 3 has records in terms of opening, weekend, week and ect including Overseas and Worldwide. It was also the HGOTY even the biggest grosser in the UK to this today. So it would be impossible for him to beat all these records and the previous footfalls. Only Salman & SRK can make the fourth installment huge because they are bigger crowd pullers. Prabhas as well but I'll get to him in a min.

Ranveer is not a superstar level to make this franchise huge as the lead actor. Giving back to back Blockbusters was good but he has to keep pushing forward by giving more big grossers. He has the overseas pull but his stardom isn't incredible enough to beat Dhoom 3 previous records. Frankly, he just needs more time.

If they do consider casting Ranveer then he should play the cop. Prabhas would be a better choice to play the main antagonist because he's a big star with a pan-Indian appeal. His lineup is terrific and it will upgrade his stardom to another level if they work at the BO. I think this franchise needs to be rebooted although I will miss Uday Chopra because he was very funny in the previous Dhoom

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83 The Subject has huge potential and with a good director like Kabir I expect them to explore all those exciting stories 83 heroes shared.
Sooryavanshi No question asked a sureshot Blockbuster
Cirkus I'm a huge fan of Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" though Rohit doesn't have credibility but he's a brand so another hit.
Kjo movie- Expectations will be always high from a Kjo movie.
Zoya and AAZ ones are also safe bets and Dhoom4 will take him to whole new level if this ever happens with him.

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