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Maidaan Release Date Update: Dusshera 2021

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It was going to release on Independence Day 2021, but owing to his shoot for Mayday, they have decided to postpone the film by 2 months.
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Ajay Devgn is doing the right thing choosing a good release date Dusshera. It's what he should be doing for his upcoming movies.

Maidaan will be a non potboiler commercial movie which Ajay has done in the past e.g. Gangaajal, Drishyam, Raid and ect. That's why I don't expect it come in huge numbers at the Box Office. It should be able to cross 130cr because the audience response and holiday release will allow the word of mouth to carry it forward with a Hit. I've read Amit Sharma's interviews about this movie and Ajay potraying the character. It seems like he knows what he's doing as a director. Therefore, I'm certain that it will be a critically accalimed movie and it will go down as one of Ajay Devgn's best performances. He had to lost weight just to get into the skin of the character and its a good effort he has made.

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