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Ajay Devgn directorial MAYDAY starts filming. EID 2022 release locking 29th April 2022 as the date.

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Happy to officially begin MayDay

Folded hands

in a start-to-finish shooting schedule. Seek blessings from the Almighty and my parents. Nothing is complete without the support of all my fans, family and well-wishers. Releases on 29th April 2022.

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2 Answers

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Interesting project. Good starcast and it's on a strong storyline.

But the release date will change. He won't get an Eid release for sure. Especially won't take on Salman going by their equation.

by Location Scout (4.6k points)

Also if he sticks to that date then don't think Salman will clash owing to the friendship. Then it will definitely not be a solo release.

Plus this kinda storyline isn't for EID audience.


Yes definitely. A clash between Ajay and Salman won't take place. Either solo Salman or multiple clashes with Ajay.

Mayday is too weak a film to come solo on Eid. Anyway, I'm expecting Tiger 3 on Eid 2022. People are saying it will come on Xmas 2021, but that's too early, plus with LSC releasing, makes no sense.

Still long way to go though.

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It's unlikely Ajay Devgn will release this movie on Eid but he can still opt for Independence Day which will suit its genre and content. This type of movie isn't suited for Eid because its not an action movie or proper commercial entertainer. Usually masala action films and festival release often attract masses on these occasions.

There's a another scenerio but that's not a gurantee.

If Salman has one release and opts for X Mas (Tiger 3) then Ajay will clash with another actor.

As far as MayDay goes, I'm looking forward to it but at same time I feel reluctant. Ajay's directonal movies have not worked previously at the Box Office. Worst part is that he doesn't know how promote his movies and that's what bothers me as a fan. However, its possible that he may strike lucky with this movie with a potential Hit. This is all depends on the audiences response and word of mouth.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)

Guess Prabhas will be booking Independence Day date for one of his films.