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1.Satyajit Ray--The Ultimate Method Actor
2.Kamal Hassan -Best actor the country has ever produced
3.Dharmendra_ Dilip Kumar is the brightest star whose shine I stole to light my desires
4.Amitabh Bachchan --Dilip Kumar is my idol and inspiration
5.Shatrughan Sinha- Great Thespian and greatest actor par excellence
6.Rakhee Gulzar-All his performances are masterclasses
7.Subhash Ghai--India's greatest actor

8.Lata Mangeshkar --He is my all time favourite actor

9.Shahrukh Khan --Dilip sahab is more deserving than anybody else. Even words like 'icon 'is very less for him... He is the forefather, the pillar of the film industry."

10.Aamir Khan ---
  " Rajiv Masand : The one actor who has most inspired you in your career
    Aamir Khan :I think. Dilip Kumar. I have really found him quite amazing"

11.Salman Khan --Actorwise I don't think anyone is bigger than Dilip Kumar

12.Javed Akhtar-' Panini of Indian acting
13.Ajay Devgan- You are an institution by yourself.And, you've always been my steady source of inspiration over the years

14.Urmila Matondkar-"... All the word in the fail to describe a human being,an Actor,an Era.."
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The Greatest Actor, Star, Superstar, Megastar of Hindi Cinema Industry.

Sheku! aka Shehzada Saleem of Mughal-E-Azam!


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The best actor. The institution of acting. One of the biggest and most respected megastar ever. Legend.

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