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The has been this boycott word for the last few months but where are all these boycotts. Yes the cinema results have been bad since they reopened but that is more to do with covid19 and no real films to screen but Hindi films have still scored on satellite and digital.



It shows that the things that people like they will watch irrespective of what sort of trends are started as this trend world is not the real world. In fact these people involved in such trends may also be actually watching the stuff that they are telling others to boycott. 



There was these boycott Salman Khan and boycott Akshay Kumar trends a few months back and at the same time films like Hum Saath Saath Hain and Tiger Zinda Hai were finding strong audiences on television and this was every other week while Housefull 4 was a rage on satellite.



Then there was boycott Laxmii but that film got a record audience for OTT when it released and even post release it has done pretty well and that is when its still being called one of the worst films ever. Now its the turn of Coolie No1 to get the treatment but again the trailer may not be Bahubali but its pretty decent and like Laxmii this film may also find an audience irrespective of what is being said.



A boycott has to be organic and that is if the public do not like something they will automatically boycott and not shout about it as seems to be the case here. It can be said the other releases in the last six months did not find an audience but that was because of content and not a boycott. Actually it would be funny if Sadak 2 found some sort of audience on television as it would really show the worth of this boycott crap as the film is actually very poor. The huge importance of the film industry can be seen by the fact the people calling for boycotts are so engrossed in all details of the film industry and try to make someting out of things which are not even an issue.



There was a boycott for Chhapaak earlier this year but again it failed because of the poor content and not because there were groups out there who were calling for a boycott of the film. The pandemic might have stopped films releasing in theatres but the story is still about entertaining content and if its there then a film will someway find an audience irrespective of what is being called for or said. Actually in this time sub standard content can even do better due to a lack of content due to the pandemic.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6111
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SSR suicide was just milked by the ruling powers to serve their interests. Its all done now.

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Bihar vote has gone, who (why) will care for a Sushant now?

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Another good article from BOI in my opinion. It had to be called out, the unnecessary hate towards actors and their films. The people who are calling out for boycott of Akki and Salman films are the same people who are contributing to the tremendous success of HF4, TZH and other films on satellite.

Let the theatres reopen in full flow, let SV and Radhe release, then lets see how far this boycott gang will go.

All the news channel got their TRP, Kangana got her limited attention, Youtubers made lakhs of rupees by spreading fake news, politicians got some seats in the elections and some actors settled personal scores with others. But Sushant never got justice. Murder or Suicide, we will never know because of the greed of these people and how they used a dead man to further their agenda and gain some quick bucks. Really shameful.

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Government just want to control Bollywood obviously because Bollywood has a huge influence on Indians, Media houses are already under their control.
So they're leaving no stone unturned to villify Bollywood celebrities .
Of course perception is everything that's why they're unbeaten now.
Also they do this to distract people from real issues.

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