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I'll  give 4/5. It's one of the best movies of the year. Runtime was good and it told many stories and how they're interlinked with each other. All performances were good. I liked AB and kids part the most. Such sweet chemistry. Pankaj was great as usual. Thanks to this film for playing that O Beta Ji song. Such a gem. On a loop. Other songs are great as well.
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A little bit dragged screenplay where the predictability creeped in but all in all definitely a decent watch owing to some really good performances.

Abhishek Bachchan was in form while Rajkummar Rao stole the show. Pankaj Tripathi as usual was fun to watch. The craziest film of 2020 for sure. Special mention to Rohit Suresh Saraf who played Rahul & Pearle Maaney whole played Nurse Sheeja.


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Its a gem for me. Sweet, emotional and something beautiful to the eyes. Plus the actors have worked so well. Each of the lead actor deserves a pat on the back.
I will rate it 4/5.

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Yes, specially I loved Abhishek and that little girl's part. It was so lovely.


Yes that part was very sweet and high on emotions at the same time but my personal favourite was Aditya's and Sanya's story.

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3/5. A good effort. Performances wise Pankaj tripathi is such a class act.

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So today I watched by far the most entertaining movie of this year.
Apart from length which could have been short by 10-15mins and Anurag acting as a narrator which felt dumb, it scored well. Overall, I’d say it is definitely something you should not miss at any cost, so I won't reveal the plot in details here.
Four sides of the game intertwined with all the Different Sides and Emotions of Life. The movie captures all the frame beautifully, a well written Screeplay.

It takes a while to understand why a murder has happened and why a person gets implicated, why a couple seeks help to remove their intimate video online, why a little girl planning her own kidnapping and how Sattu Bhaiya (Played by Pankaj Tripathi), the ruthless gangster is plotting action like playing dice in a game of Ludo.To represent every character with the Ludo solid Colour just like that every character has an accent of colour in the background or around them like aditya roy Kapur has yellow, Abhishek Bachchan has Red, Rajkummar has Green and Rohit Suresh Has Blue.Just like if you have seen Johnny Gaddar in which Sriram Raghavan Has Used Red colour in Background in every shot.
It is a well executed film on the themes of Samuel Becket's Waiting for Godot. They run the gamut from the human condition to absurdism, nihilism, and friendship. Basu has done a good job combining humor and human suffering, the similarities between saint and sinner, and living one's life with the everpresent knowledge of death. Even his two observers (unseen by the cast of characters) loosely mirror Godot's Vladimir and Estragon. And he has done this with a sharpness of wit and a sense of style that verges on parody of Bollywood's films like Gangs of Wasseypur, quite an accomplishment in itself. The intersecting and overlapping lives of the characters told in non-chronological order leave the viewer with many "AHA" moments.You get engrossed in the stories of each & every person and start living it with them. You feel bad for Rajkumar Rao when he keeps making a fool of himself, want to cry along with Abhishek Bachchan when he sees his daughter, keep loving & hating Pankaj Tripathi depending on the hat he's wearing at that time- of gangster or lover, and keep wondering about Basu's character till the end.Yes it has a Tarantino-inspired shootout scene, but there are moments of magic created by Anurag that strongly tug at your emotional strings.
Songs like 'Aabaad Barbaad' and 'harpal Hamdam' are melodious and heart warming and are placed at the perfect situation in the movie. But the use of an old song ' Oo Betaji...' was the masterstroke as it sets the tone of the movie.

Very few filmmakers pull off the Dark Comedy genre, which is not attempted often in Bollywood. Movies like Delhi Belly, Andhadhun, Kaalakaandi, Dev D standout. Ludo, directed by Anurag Basu, deserves a similar appreciation because Basu has done a commendable job with his direction.
Ludo is an adventurous rollercoaster of four wild divergent stories into a single narrative, which answers the questions of ‘Karma and Dharma’. Basu has intelligently done crisscrossing of the characters, just like we see while playing the board game ludo.

In a nutshell, ludo is a feel-good dark comedy with refreshing music, credible acting, and quirky elements.

Verdict:Bollywood missed a 100cr movie

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It was a good attempt for an anthology story. But it was really really long! Anurag Basu didn't have to make a cameo in the movie and the film could have been a 2 hours-2:10 film and it would have been much better.

The stories on an individual level were great. I loved the chemistry between ARK and Sanya. It looked really fresh IMO. Pankaj Tripathi is brilliant as always. Abhishek is the veteran for sure. He is an extremely under rated actor and it's sad to see people troll him only because he isn't as successful as his father.

Rajkumar was good in his one sided lover role, but Fatima disappointed me. Didn't like her role one bit! The ending of the film was really whacky and I enjoyed it wholeheartedly, but it's something which Indian movie watchers wouldn't digest.

The songs of the film were great. Aabaad Barbaad and Humdard are great songs and have listened to them on a loop multiple times.

Overall, not a perfect film. Lot of editing was required and it would have been much better. I would give it 3 stars for the attempt, songs the storyline and the way everything comes together. However, such stories aren't going to work at the box office and we probably won't see more of such films in the future. This was a 20-30cr Lifetime film at the best.

After the disappointing and disastrous Jagga Jasoos, Ludo is a big improvement for Anurag Basu.

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One of the best Bollywood movies for me in recent times.

Despite some really heavy themes, the movie handles everything in a light and fun tone (except parts of AB's story), and it's dark humour just enhances everything (especially what Pankaj's character goes through).

While some people have complained about the ending not being a proper cumulation of all threads, I found it good enough.

As for acting, every one did a good job. AB was the weakest one I feel. I was surprised that I even liked Aditya in this movie.

If you like Tarantino type movies, which are more about enjoying the world and the characters rather than strongly focusing on the story, you will definitely enjoy this one.

The music is a big plus for this movie. Aabad Barbad has been on loop since I saw it.

The actual rating would probably be around 7, but the happy feeling this movie left me with, along with finally liking a Bollywood movie in a really long time, elevates it to an 8.

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Best hindi movie to come on OTT!
I liked Abhishek's performance among all & the kid who accompanied with him was very cute.
Aditya's story was also good ...
Pankaj tripathi had a badass entry & that's it, i expected more from his character.
Rajkumar rao had the most funny part.
Overall an enging film for me.. 7/10

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