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100 movies

25 clean hits

40 successful movies

10 majorhits

4 Blockbusters

Three 2 crore footfalls movie

2 National Awards

1 HGOTY( Tanhaji),2020

* He became one of my favorite actors with Dilwale and I love him in Zakhm,Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and The Legend of Bhagat Singh.

Wishing him a great career ahead.
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One of the best actors in Bollywood. Best for him is still to come in terms of box office.

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I was unsure to comment because the forum really has less activity. It lacks the past with active users. Since Ajay has completed 29 then I wanted answer this post.

In terms of BO, Ajay is far the most underatted actor but his success has so much value with longativity with almost 30 years of survival. He has several bumper openers and highest opener of the decade in the 90s era which is excellent.

When he debuted, he became the first actor to defeat one of the biggest director Yash Chopra and two senior stars in Lamhe with all due respect. Phool Aur Kaante was a Blockbuster and has 1.75cr footfalls. Then Jigar he defeated another senior star Sanjay Dutt which showed the rise of Ajay's stardom. 1994, he proceed with Super Hit in Dilwale and Hit in Vijaypath which took better opening than HAHK despite losing a clash. Suhaag was also success as well. 1997-1999 saw complete change in him with Ishq (Credit goes to both Ajay & Aamir), PTHHT & HDDCS. In between, he gave a critically accalimed Zakhm which earned him first National Award.

He's a superstar without a doubt with many successful films in Golmaal 3, Raajneeti, OUTIM, Singham, SOS, Bol Bachchan, Singham Returns, Golmaal Again, Raid, Total Dhamaal & DDPD. He gave his biggest Blockbuster and highest foofalls Tanhaji as well as HGOTY. It was also an ATBB in the Mumbai circuit to my knowledge.

His excellent line up will ensure him a much more longativity as a solo hero. Hope gives more Blockbusters, 2cr footfalls and he must give at least one or two 300cr this decade.

As an actor, he's the best of his generation and my favourite movie is TLOBS, Singham, Deewangee, Zakhm, Company, Gangaajal, OUTIM, Tanhaji and ect.

Hope for the best for Ajay and still love him.

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The highlight of his career for me will always remain that press conference during JTHJ Vs SOS clash when Ajay said for an SRK-Yash Chopra film that ''hum kyun baat kr k 2sri film ko promote karein'' :)

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My favourite actor of Bollywood after Akshay Kumar. Highly underrated actor when it comes to BO records, but still a Superstar because of his longetivity. Has faced a bumpy ride throughout his career, mostly a down phase through the most of last decade, but still has great star power to pull a film through and become a hit. Example being Total Dhamaal.

Has given some outstanding performances in serious roles and I stand by my statement that no actor can beat him when it comes to taking up serious roles. The actor emotes with his eyes very well and it's a pleasure seeing him take up such roles.

2010-2017 was a setback in my opinion. Majority of his films were hits when Rohit Shetty was the director (only exceptions I can recollect are SOS and OUATIM). Since Golmaal Again though, he is going through a great period with 5 back to 5 back successful films and with a great line up of releases, this number is sure to increase.

Bhuj (OTT release), Maidaan, Kaithi are all anticipated films along with the Urban Comedy film Thank God and his directorial venture Mayday. Not to forget his role in RRR. Like Akki, he is also successful in giving small budget big hit films with more releases in one year. 2020 would have been a great year for him with Bhuj and Maidaan. Hopefully 2021 and onwards would give him more success and I wish him good luck for the same!

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Best actor of 90s............

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