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Comparing Bollywood and cricket? Anyways, Virat is the answer.

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Don't insult Virat that way !

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Why comparing cricketers with Bollywood stars?
Cricketers enjoy a different level of loyalty that even South superstars haven't managed till now.
Let alone Ranveer Virat has more fanfollowing than all young stars put together.

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Loli >> Joker + Idiot

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who is the joker? confused as both can fill this slot easily....one is an onscreen joker and one is off-screen


Run- veer!


Reluctantly but tb admitting the power of kohli. :D


Hahaha @Intense

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It’s funny that how some non achievers are trying to make fun of those who have achieved something in their life ..!
Answer of your question is very simple it’s virat kohli ..

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we are not successful cz we are surrounded by people like you jass who is vela enough to rate ranveer, varun virat :D

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