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Boycott Gang ready with some content, memes and trolling. But kya hi ukhaad loge. He will keep making films, he will keep releasing them and producers will be laughing towards the bank.

But abhi kuch zyada ho raha hai. Sooryavanshi, Prithviraj, Atrangi Re, Bachan Pandey, Rakshabandhan, Bell Bottom have been announced and shooting is either complete or about to begin.

There were reports of him starring in a comedy film with Muddasar Aziz and charging 100 crores yesterday. Reports of Ekta Kapoor action comedy film and now this announcement. This is 9 unreleased films. On top of this, he has his Amazon Web series and rumours of HF 5.

This is too much by his standards. Doing 11 films in 1994 is fine. But 2021 having 9 films in your kitty is way too much. A good promotion, marketing and release strategy and he will be delivering Blockbusters after Blockbusters with all these 9 films.

I can't ask for anything more as a fan.

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Its an overkill. And the year is left. He can still announce another movie and make it 7 for 2021. All this doesn't work now. With so many movies, quality will go for a toss and it will end up being a money minting exercise.


Naah. All won't release next year. He has his Amazon show which he will start shooting from January 2022 for 4-5 months. I guess he will shoot for all films next year and then strategically release all of them in the next 2 years.

Let's see how he plans it. SV, Bell Bottom and Atrangi are confirmed for next year. He will target a holiday release for Bachan Pandey and PRC. And since these are backed by bigger production houses, they can afford to wait till 2022. Probably should drop Rakshabandhan from this list. Definitely won't release on Diwali next year and it's seems the be the weakest film.

The ekta kapoor film and Ram Setu will be 2022 for sure.

Bollywood really has gone for a toss now. Akki going into overdrive with back to back shooting. Salman will only release his films on Eid because of the ego clash with Reshma Shetty. SRK is delaying in announcing his multiple films. Aamir only has one film. HR ka kuch thikana nai. And Ajay silently working in the background, despite having some good films.

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