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This film was very difficult to watch with my family. The chemistry between Akshay and Priyanka in this film was so intense that resulted in link up rumours and eventually only acting in one other film (Waqt) after this film released.

I enjoyed the songs of this one. Talatum, Aankhein Bandh Karke and Gela Gela are my favourites. Priyanka was hot af in this film and Kareena did a great job as the wife and lawyer. It was a great star cast as well with Abbas Mustan leading the directorial.

One of the rare non-comedy films of Akshay in this era and fairly successful at the box office. I enjoyed this flick.

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Just to clarify, it wasn't a rumour.

Second, this was an entertaining film. It was the court scenes that did the trick. Hilarious at times, the comebacks by Annu Kapoor. Then, Kareena Kapoor takes up the case & entertainment quotient just rises. Well Disclosure may have had Demi Moore but that one didn't had the court room drama dialogues like this one.


Yeah I know it's not a rumour lol. It's quite common in Bollywood. None of them openly came out and said it, just articles and reports of Twinkle banning them from working again etc.

I haven't seen Disclosure though.

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Priyanka was outstanding in this movie, one of her best.....and man some of those scenes were absolute fire. :D

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