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Haven't seen the original, but this is a snore fest. One of akki's worst and an absolute waste of a star with such good comic timing as usual. Except for Sharad Kelkar and Burj Khalifa song nothing works

Rating: 1/5


Oh man, What a failed opportunity. While watching this, I felt that this film had a lot of potential (no surprise considering the strong original material), but it just misses the mark. For me, performance-wise it was a hit & a miss for Akshay as well - He did well in non-comedic scenes. Huge shout out to Sharad Kelkar, he impresses for whatever screentime he has.

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Laxmmi Bomb
Oops Laxmii

The main idea of the movie was depicted in a hurry which gave the impression that it wasn't much valued, the core was not much important to the makers, so like always ultimately it was pretense care.
From the very beginning the movie moves so fast as if the director wants to show the audience what LAXMII the movie is all about. All the ingredients that make a movie appreciable is far from missing

It is one of the most outdated and mind numbing films I have seen in 2020 ,The original film released in 2011 and even the modifications of the story just couldn’t compensate the nine-year difference through which the base concept of cinema has been dynamically changed

The narrative of a transgender ghost possessing the body of a man who ironically doesn't believe in ghosts is interesting but fails massively where its execution is concerned.Asif, a rationalist committed to eradicating the public’s belief in paranormal activities is possessed by a ghost.
What's the point of view of this arc, people believing science should believe ghosts and supernatural powers are a reality.
There was no buildup, in original the protagonist is scared of ghosts but the transgender's story melts his heart and touches his soul and he allows the ghost to enter his body.

The writers failed Akshay here, in the scenes where Raghav's character get possessed worked far better than caricaturish Akki's Protroyal
The biggest concern of the portrayal of a transgender character remains null and void, they couldn't present Akshay well and he's started looking so old on screens that it feels unbearable.

It is the plot which is so wafer thin that it is downright cringe worthy.
The screenplay is archaic and so is the amateurish direction.
Kanchana worked because it knew it has to be loud, and hence few of the comical sequences worked better over there. But here the fusion of Farhad brand of comedy and Raghav's brand of loud comedy worked against both of them, if only raghav was given full control the comic scenes could have been better,anyway a decade old humor won't work now too so they polished the script here and there and that went horribly wrong because they polished the wrong edges.
The film does nothing to break the stereotypes, only adds to them and fails miserably if it ever meant to give any social message
here its Akshay, the so called action star, his Job itself is spreading awareness that ghosts do not exists ,along with business of tiles/marbles.
Akshay Kumar's brother's Son (atleast 10-11 years old), staying with Akshay kumar and Kiara, they been married for the last 3 years, still the child asks why Kiara's parents not accepting them ,after 3 years only and on the same day when we are seeing the scene , so that they preach Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, it should come smoothly but it looked odd and hence cringe, the movie manages to offend both Hindu and Muslim community at the same time, they showed Hindu as communal and muslim son in law is not allowed to even wash stumps in the house and how he's ill treated by his father in law but they couldn't give the conclusion to how a conservative Hindu grew fond of his muslim son in law.
So Muslim community can call it Islamophobia and Hindu call it Hinduphobia
In every situation, Akshay keeps on telling that he will wear bangles if he sees a ghost, indicating the inevitable which we all know, but every time do we needed that reminder ???
Really there was such a scene, Anjali (Kiara's neighbour) asking her friend who eloped with Akshay 3 years back ,and doubting the 10 years old kid is their Son
They failed to convey the message in the climax (Temple scene) too, which worked in original, here it all get messed up.

Coming to performances by Supporting cast there was a good supporting cast but they failed to match the legendary Kovai sarala and Devadarshini, they lifted the entertainment level quotient of a average original movie to next level.
Regarding Sharad he did well but impact was missing because a big star played his role in original version and got all the goodwill so the emotional connection was higher.
Amitabh as rumoured would have been better.
At last Kaira, I managed to finish the movie due to her, she had nothing to do in the movie, it would have been a treat for me if she was given a glamorous role which the kanchana heroines get.
Music was horrible, not a single song left mark and they come from nowhere.

Rating 1/10* (0.75 for curvy Kiara)
Verdict: just kick out Farhad samji from KEKD

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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Precisely what I felt too. My rating is the same as yours.

Post your reviews for ROOHI. IBO Forum reviews.
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First of all, "Laxmii". Don't want this page to be boycotted because of the wrong spelling of the movie :p

Anyway, finally a major release has come upon us. Nearly 10 months since Tanhaji released, the last A lister film, and 8 months since Baaghi 3, the last big ticket film. It's also one of the longest gaps between 2 Akki films (I think he had a 11 month gap in the 90s). But 10.5 months since Good Newwz is far too long a time. Idk how other fanbases can wait years for their favourite stars to release their films. I found it very difficult ever since Sooryavanshi got posptoned.

This film has been through a lot in the last 1.5 years. The director leaving the film mid way to the clash with Radhe, then would it release online or not, the BOYCOTT gang coming to the forefront, hiding the likes and dislikes and now finally it has released online, the 1st major release in a long long time. The film didn't deserve such an end, but it is what it is.

Coming to the film, it's a scene by scene remake of Kanchana. Except for Akshay not being afraid of ghosts and the unnecessary Hindu-Muslim angle. I'll try to be as unbiased as I possibly can. But the film isn't meant for OTT. I watched half the film on my phone while coming back home from work and the other half on my laptop. My review of the film would have been completely different had I seen it in the theatres. Such over the top, loud films are made for theatrical experience so I found it very difficult to laugh at some scenes.

The acting was extremely hammy. Akshay had to go out of his comfort zone and over act in this one. It's a welcome change to see him back in the masala genre, but when he has done loud performances in films like Singh is Kinng, De Dana Dan and his comic performances in films like Hera Pheri, PHP, Garam Masala, Bhagam Bhag etc, this felt way out of place. The last time I felt uncomfortable watching him was in Singh is Bling. His performance gets better and better once the transgender comes in, and does a great job in the 2nd half, but the 1st half was really bad. Kiara looks gorgeous as always, and thats about it. Ashwini Kalsekar HAMS! Worse than what she did in the Rohit Shetty films.

The songs literally come out of nowhere. Burj Khalifa in the film comes exactly like how Aankh Maarey came in Simmba. Random AF! While such a strategy would have struck gold had it released theatrically as the single screen audience would have gone gaga listening to the song while the movie was on instead of watching it during the end credits, on an OTT platform, it seemed very weird.

It's the 2nd half which saves the film. Once the transgender sets in, then the acting gets better. Sharad Kelkar is very good in his role and probably one of the highlights of the film. BamBholle is also well shot and choreographed. There exists a message in the film which involves the sentiments of transgenders, but the overall execution was lacking.

I have seen Kanchana, so I knew exactly what was coming next. This film is a big budget Kanchana with better VFx. Plus points over Kanchana also include Burj Khalifa. This is the USP of the film and would have single handedly ensured a box office success had everything else fallen apart. The plot is highly outdated and would have worked 5-6 years ago. But I still stand by my statement in my earlier post that the film would have been a huge grosser at the box office and whether it was a Eid clash with Radhe or a regular Friday release, it was sure to be a 225cr minimum. If HF4 crossed 200cr despite negative reviews and pre Diwali, this being a much better film than HF4 would have easily crossed that film.

The Hindu-Muslim angle was absolutely unnecessary. Just giving the boycott gang a reason to hate on the film. They have copied 90% of Kanchana, might as well kept the remaining 10% and made it a Hindu-Hindu love story. The "my daughter has found a perfect husband who turns out to be a Muslim" was not needed and didn't make any difference to the story. While it obviously doesn't promote "Love Jihad", it wasn't needed at all. Maybe this wasn't Raghava's decision and that's why he left the film citing "creative differences". Never know.

Overall, I was expecting this from the film when the trailer released. Kept my expectations to a bare minimum and expected some hammy acting and that's what it is. I had same feelings while watching HF4. But as a fan, I am glad that Akki is stepping out of the social drama and nationalist roles and taking up these masala films. These are the films that work at the box office and it's high time he gets his 250 and 300cr grossers. The film is watchable for Akki alone (him in the 2nd half. 1st half was not at all great). The film is not scary with minimal jump scares and definitely not funny.

While I wouldn't want a sequel to the film, strictly talking about the box office potential, I wouldn't mind another one. Sadly such films strike gold at the box office and the producers wouldn't be wrong in trying another film to mint some more monies.

Overall a 2.5/5 for me. I might be a little biased and given the extra half for Akki alone. But that's my opinion! :)

Over to Sooryavanshi now. This one better be worth the wait!

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Laxxmi is a decent entertainer , for someone like me who never watched kanchna it's a film which you can enjoy but some scenes are unnecessary and specially that Hindu Muslim angle creates controversy which can easily been avoided as it doesn't make any sense , the horror part is really very good but the comedy is not as good as it should have , Akshay Kumar is decent as Asif but done great as laxxmi, rest of the cast also did good job , Sharad kelkar is also done good job , the film starts really well and I thought that it will be a great watch but then it looks a bit predictable in tha end with poor editing in climax, though vfx part is really good ,first two songs are out of place, so overall a decent entertainer with good performance ,though in theaters it can be more enjoyable and a sureshot success as it's a watchable mass film.

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Akshay was wasted big time..
No neeed for the change of narration in a different way.
The film took 2 issues where as the original had only 1 & that's where the film left the track... 2/5

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already watched the movie in telugu(+d) versions but still watched in hindi today , songs were ok but forced , performances ok , ashwini was best

only think i will say is akshay is really churning out mediocrity lately

by Set Designer (2.0k points)

Mediocrity? Really? Laxmii and HF4 are the only ones I will consider, and these were meant for the single screen mass audience and the former would have been successful had it released theatrically. Many other actors (from Bollywood and South) do this on a regular basis, so I don't see anything wrong in making a no-brainer film for Akki.

Secondly, look at his other films. Kesari, Good Newwz, Gold, Padman, Toilet. You can also consider 2.0 as a VFx spectacle, though the story was a let down. And look at his upcoming releases. Sooryavanshi, Prithviraj, Bell Bottom, Rakshabandhan. These films in no way will be "mediocre". The only film I will place in this category is Bachchan Pandey, only because of Farhad Samji.

He in no way is churning out mediocre stuff. With each film he is catering to different audiences and is bringing results in the last 2 years.

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